Supreme Patty Net Worth – Life and Career

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Supreme Patty’s net worth in 2019 – Here’s how the young prankster and rapper Supreme Patty amasses his net worth.  Read on to discover supreme Patty’s Life, Career, net worth, and biography.

Supreme Patty Net Worth
Supreme Patty Net Worth

Have you ever found yourself in a dire situation only to later find out you are been pranked, welcome to the world of a prankster?

Supreme Patty is an American who does lots of pranks mostly on his Instagram handle which has over six million followers and counting. As a prankster, he had been hospitalized and arrested on various occasions as a result of pranks going wrong.

Patty is also a stuntman and a rapper whose songs can be found on his YouTube channel. Supreme Patty Net Worth as of today is $2 million.

Net Worth $2 million
Profession Prankster, Rapper
Date of Birth December 18, 1997
Age 21
Citizenship United States

His Birth and Upbringing

Born Patrick Wallace on the 18th of December 1997 in Daytona Beach, Florida to parents Bill and Angie Wallace. Wallace wasn’t the first child as he has an older sister by the name Katie.

His parents got divorced when Patty was just the age of 3. This deprived him of the opportunity of living with both parents.

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Patty began his education at Sugar Mill Elementary School and from there went on to Opens Beach Middle School before he attended Seabreeze High School.

While in High School, he was influenced negatively by some of his peers who introduced him to drugs as he soon became an addict.

He dropped out of High School but later went back to get his GED. Patty attended college but dropped out just after a year.

Career and Rise to Fame

Patty sojourn into the world of social media began in 2013 with him opening an Instagram account and adopting the name Supreme Patty but he used his sister Katie’s picture as his first display pics.

He later opened an account with Vine and posted his first video which featured him eating three hotdogs in about five seconds.

Patty went on to release numerous prank videos, and with his followers and viewers increasing tremendously, he attained fame and also wealth.

He has engaged in some dangerous pranks and stunts that have left him in the hospital and even got him arrested.

Some of his pranks and stunts include him putting a lime in his eyes while skateboarding, and also consuming some strange foods.

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He led a riot at Faze Bank and FatBoy SSE  shop and this action of his got him arrested but he wasn’t charged to court.

Patty also has a YouTube channel where he posts pranks, fights, songs, and stunts. He is also an upcoming rapper and a comedian.

Supreme Patty Net Worth: How did he amass such wealth?

Supreme Patty Net Worth as of today is $2 million which he earned from his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

As of today, he has over 6.6 million followers on Instagram and also his YouTube channel has over 486,000 subscribers.

He earns from sponsored posts on his social media accounts. Information about his houses and cars isn’t available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Personal Life

Supreme Patty is yet to come out publicly on who he is dating though there are rumours out there it is nothing concrete.

Other information about his personal life is unknown but we will keep you updated on any change as soon as possible.

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