Ryan Burton: Net Worth, Career and Earnings

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Ryan Burton Net Worth: What is Ryan Burton’s net worth in 2019 and how did he acquire his wealth? Today, you will learn about Ryan Burton and how he acquired his net worth and success as a YouTuber.

So, let’s get telling

Ryan Burton, Ryan Burton Net Worth,

To begin with, Ryan Burton is a famous American YouTuber and the co-creator of the YouTube channel ‘Loveliveserve‘ which currently has over a million subscribers.

He has achieved success in posting YouTube videos and has acquired a huge net worth along with it.

Net Worth$1.2 Million
Date of Birth September 18, 1997

Ryan Burton Bio

Ryan Burton was born on the 18 of September 1997 in Eglin Air Force Base, FL (in the middle of the Millennial generation). He has both Irish and American ancestry.

He has an older brother named Andre. Ryan attended La Plata High School where he graduated from in 2015. Meanwhile, during his last years in high school, Ryan was the class president of his senior class.

Ryan Burton, Ryan Burton net worth

After that, he attended Drexel University as a film student. Ryan and his longtime high school buddy, Noah Taitano worked together to create the YouTube channel, ‘Loveliveserve‘ in November 2010.

The channel consists of a variety of entertaining materials such as music compilation reaction videos, comedy skits, and more. However, after they created the channel in 2010, Ryan and Noah didn’t upload any video on it until 2011.

Their very first video upload was titled ‘BEST DAY 3VER‘. Consequently, the duo began uploading videos on occasions from then.

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Subsequently, Ryan who goes by the moniker, Rhino, began producing more video content for the channel in 2016.

Meanwhile, Noah, A.K.A Noah Boat who is the director and editor of the channel began uploading the videos in a bid to improve on their film-making and post-production skills, support their College funds and entertain people. A hobby they both enjoyed doing.

From there, the duo dived into vlogs, making prank videos, reactions, music parodies, and above all, comedy sketches which are mostly based on American society and its popular culture. The duo worked on a three-day-a-week basis.

More so, they began making a solo video version of the same video genres they display on their YouTube channel.

In conclusion, Ryan and Noah’s YouTube channel has significantly grown since 2016 to date and counting, and currently has over 4 million subscribers and over 600 million total views.

What is Ryan Burton Net Worth: How did he acquire so much money?

Ryan Burton is a famous YouTuber and co-creator of the Youtube channel Loveliveserve‘ along with Noah Taitano. As of today, Ryan Burton has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.

His earnings, of course, come from his YouTube channel which, when last checked, has over 4 million subscribers.

According to sources, the channel also garners over 1.3 million views per day and has over 600 million views since its inception.

And with that, Ryan (and his partner Noah) are said to generate revenue of about $5,200 per day which transcends to $2 million a year from the ads that appear on the videos.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

  • On November 13, 2017, ‘loveliveserve’ reached 1 million subscribers.
  • And the number of subscribers reached 2 million on May 21, 2018.
  • The channel reached 3 million subscribers on September 3, 2018.
  • And on February 21, 2019, loveliveserve reached 4 million subscribers.

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