Russo Brothers Net Worth – Career & Salary

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Russo Brothers net worth in 2020 – How did Anthony and Joe Russo attain success and fame? Discover the secrets behind Russo Brothers‘ salary, earnings, Investments, and success story.

Russo Brothers net worth
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How much is the Russo Brothers Worth?

If you have watch Avengers Endgame and you don’t know the Russo brothers then welcome to planet earth.

The Russo Brothers have directed and produced top marvel movies which include: Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, and Captain America civil war all of which has gone on to be major hits and among the highest-grossing movies of all-time.

Early Life

Not much is known about there early life but we know that Anthony and Joe were given birth to on February 3, 1970, & July 8, 1971, in Cleveland, Ohio to Patricia and Basil Russo.

After graduating from Benedictine High School they proceeded to college. Anthony studied business and English at the University of Pennsylvania while Joe studied English and writing at the University of Iowa.

They both schooled at the Case Western Reserve University where they studied movie directing and production.


The Russo Brothers started out the career with the directing and production of a self-sponsored low budget film titled ‘Pieces’ in 1997.

The movie cost them $30,000 which they sourced from loans and credit cards a debt that took them over a decade to pay.

After the success of the movie, they were approached by Steven Soderbergh who volunteered to produce their next movie ‘Welcome to Collinwood’ a crime comedy movie in 2002.

Their first major breakthrough happened in 2006 when the directed the comedy movie ‘You, Me and Dupree’ a movie that grossed over $130 million worldwide.

They also produced and directed the ABC TV series ‘Carpoolers’ and ‘Happy Ending’. They also directed the popular NBC show ‘Community’.

In 2013, the brothers produced the popular marvel movie ‘Captain America The Winter Soldier’ which got released in 2014.

The movie grossed over $700 million. In 2014, the continued by producing and directing follow up ‘Captain America Civil war’ which was released in 2016. The movie went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide.

They also directed ‘Avengers Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers Endgame’ that grossed over $2 billion and made them the third directors to direct a movie that grossed over $2 billion. They currently joined the list of top producers in Hollywood.

Russo Brothers Net Worth – How did Anthony and Joe Russo amass such wealth?

As of 2020, The Russo Brothers net worth is peaked at $10 million each. and is set to increase tremendously as they are to receive their percentages from their recent movie ‘Avengers Endgame’ which is reportedly 2%.

Anthony and Joe Russo made most of their fortunes from producing and directing movies.

Net worth $10 million apiece
Profession Director, Producer, Editor
Age Anthony Russo – 49 , Joe Russo – 48
Date of Birth Anthony Russo – February 3, 1970 , Joe Russo – July 8, 1971
Citizenship United States

Awards and recognition

The Russo Brothers have won an Emmy award for there work which is the only one they hold based on the available reports.

Anthony and Joe Russo Talk about the most twitted movie in history. ‘Avengers: Endgame’. However, watch their epic response to the movie.

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Now you know all about Russo Brothers net worth, and how she achieved success; What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned from  Anthony and Joe Russo?



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