Richard Rowlands Net Worth

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Richard Rowlands Net Worth in 2019: How did the late actor amass such wealth and fame during the course of his career? Read on as we reveal to you secrets about Richard Rowlands wealth, net worth, life and career.

Who is Richard Rowland?

Richard Rowlands Net Worth
Richard Rowlands Net Worth

There are few who have created a name for themselves in Hollywood and despite having passed away, their works still speak for them.

Richard Rowland is one such person who despite having passed away over 60 years ago is still remembered for his contribution to Hollywood.

Richard Rowlands Net Worth, if he was alive today, will be $12 million.

Net Worth $12 million
Source of Wealth Producer
Date of Birth December 8, 1880
Died May 12, 1947
Aged 66
Citizenship United States

Life and Career

Richard A. Rowland was born on the 8th of December 1880 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Information about his parents is unknown.

Together with his friend Louis B. Mayer created a studio Metro Pictures Corporation in 1915 and was managing it before leaving it in 1918.

He moved to Los Angeles where he started up another studio that produced movies such as The Eternal Question (1916), The Divorceé (1919), and What People Will Say? (1915).

Rowland notably said that ‘the lunatics have taken over the asylum’ in reference to the action taken by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and other actors who took a stand to safeguard their work.

Richard Rowlands Net Worth

He went on to sell his studio Metro to Marcus Loew while working as an executive at Fox Film Corporation. Marcus Loew later created Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) which was the merger of Metro and Goldwyn Pictures Corporation.

Rowland as a member Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) contributed to improve the quality of Hollywood movies and also its profitability that most actors of today enjoy from his work.

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As a professor at Colombia University wrote various articles on the development of the movie industry and its relationship with culture.

He produced movies such as Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941), Along Came Love (1936), and The Divine Lady (1929).


As death is one thing that is constant in life,  Rowland died on the 12th day in the month of May 1947. It wasn’t recorded if he suffered from any illness before his death.

Information about his children is unavailable but as soon as possible we will keep you updated.

His net worth, how did it come about?

Richard Rowlands Net Worth, if he was alive today will be $12 million which is as a result of his earnings as a producer.

Richard Rowlands’ Net Worth

Also, his studio which he sold to Loew is worth millions of dollars. He also earned money as a professor at Colombia University.

Information about his houses is unavailable.

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