Paul Simon Net Worth

Paul Simon Net Worth: What is Paul Simon’s net worth in 2019 and how did he acquire his wealth? Read on as we reveal the secret behind his success and fortune

Paul Simon Net Worth
Net Worth$45 Million
Date of Birth October 13, 1941

Paul Simon is a famous American musician, actor, singer, and songwriter. He was a member of a band called ‘Simon & Garfunkel‘ along with Art Garfunkel.

However, they split up in 1970 and Simon went solo. Since he turned solo, Simon has enjoyed considerable success and has released many albums and singles.

His career in music has spanned close to seven decades. In 2011, he was listed in the top ‘100 Greatest Guitarist’ by Rolling Stone Magazine. So, are you ready to know how Paul Simon acquired his huge net worth today? Check this article out

Early Life

Before we talk about what Paul Simon’s net worth is, let’s give a brief review of his early background.
Paul Fredric Simon was born on October 13, 1941, in Newark, New Jersey to his parents Belle Simon and Louis “Lee Simms” Simon. He was raised in Queens, New York.

Simon attended Forest Hills High School and later graduated from Queens College in 1963 with a Major in English. He also attended the Brooklyn Law School for a short period. He dived into music after he met Garfunkel when he was just 11.


Paul started his career at the age of 11 after he met with Garfunkel with whom he formed the duo, ‘Simon & Garfunkel‘ in 1956. He enjoyed fame and commercial success before quitting the band at the peak of their popularity in 1970 to focus on a solo career.

He released a series of albums after going solo. Much of his solo albums achieved commercial success.

For example, his ‘Graceland‘ album in 1986 sold over 14 million copies worldwide after its debut and still remains the best solo work to date.

Other of Simon’s solo albums include ‘The Paul Simon Songbook’ in 1965, his self-titled album in 1972, and the ‘There Goes Rhymin’ Simon’.

In addition, he also released ‘Still Crazy After All These Years,’ ‘One-Trick Pony,’ ‘Hearts and Bones,’ ‘The Rhythm of the Saints’, and ‘Songs from the Capeman.’

Paul Simon also appeared in many films and TV shows as per his career in acting. He made appearances in films like ‘’The Great Buck Howard’, ‘Portlandia,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Annie Hall,’ and ‘Henry & Me.’

Personal Life

Paul Simon has been married three times, divorced twice. He married his first wife Peggy Harper in 1969. They had a son together named Haper Simon.

They divorced in 1975. Simon married his second wife, Carrie Fisher in 1983 and the union lasted only a year. His third marriage is to his current wife, Edie Brickell, whom he married on May 30, 1992. The couple has three kids named Gabriel, Lulu, and Andrian.

But, however, before Simon met any of his wives, he was in a romantic relationship with Mary ‘Kathy’ Chitty back in the early ’60s.

Consequently, Paul Simon and his younger brother, Eddie Simon co-founded the New York City’s ‘Guitar Study Center’ which later became part of The New School in New York City.

Paul Simon Net Worth: How Did He Acquire His wealth?

As of today, Paul Simon has an estimated net worth of $45 million. He owes his large fortune to his career as a singer, songwriter, and actor.

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He began enjoying mainstream success as part of the hugely successful folk-rock duo, ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. He’s sold millions of albums which are certified gold and platinum.

Career Highlights of Paul Simon

Studio solo albums

  • The Paul Simon Songbook (1965)
  • Paul Simon (1972)
  • There Goes Rhymin’ Simon (1973)
  • Still Crazy After All These Years (1975)
  • One-Trick Pony (1980)
  • Hearts and Bones (1983)
  • Graceland (1986)
  • The Rhythm of the Saints (1990)
  • Songs from The Capeman (1997)
  • You’re the One (2000)
  • Surprise (2006)
  • So Beautiful or So What (2011)
  • Stranger to Stranger (2016)
  • In the Blue Light (2018)

What are Paul Simon’s biggest songs?

Away from his time as part of Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon’s most successful songs as a solo artist include:

  • ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’
  • ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’
  • ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’
  • You Can Call Me Al’
  • ‘Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes’
  • ‘Late in the Evening’

Awards & Achievements

In his career as a musician, Paul Simon has won himself a total of 12 Grammy Awards, which includes a Grammy Achievement Award.

Further, Paul Simon was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Science in 2011. In addition, he’s also been nominated for both the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Other awards include the 1978 Primetime Emmy Awards, 2012 Polar Music Prize, 39 BMI Awards, and Gershwin Prize in 2007.

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