Noor Kumalasari Net Worth

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Noor Kumalasari Net Worth in 2019: What is the net worth of the actress who made a name for herself in the 70s and 80s attain such wealth and fame?. Read on as we give you shocking facts about her you may never find out.

Who is Noor Kumalasari?

Noor Kumalasari net worth

Noor Kumalasari is an actress from Malaysia who rose to fame in the late 20th century for taking part in numerous Malaysian movies. She has a gifted voice and is a model. Her works include Paper Tiger (1975), Mangsa (1981) and a whole lot of others. Noor Kumalasari Net Worth currently is a whopping sum of $6 million.

Net Worth $6 million
Profession Actress, Singer
Date of Birth April 11, 1956
Age 63
Citizenship Malaysia

Early Life

Noor Kumalasari was born on the 11th day in the month of April 1956 in Petaling Jaya, Selango, Federation of Malaya (now Malaysia) to parents Datuk S. Roomai Noor and Datin Umi Kalthum.

Her late mother Kalthum after taking part in the movie Mother’s Cry named her Noor Kumalasari at birth.

Kumalasari was born with a passion for acting and even as a child, got a role in the 1960 movie The fiancée’s fiancé.

She had a good basic education as Kumalasari attended Taman Petaling Secondary School.

While in school, she was known to be quiet and playful. It was in school that the idea of becoming a model was developed as she competed and won titles in beauty pageants in schools around Petaling Jaya.

Acting Career

Her parents were against her intended career path as they wanted her to be a banker or at most a pharmacist but Kumalasari got stuck to her decision to be an actress and a singer.

Upon graduation, she got the role of “Rohayu” in the 1977 movie Tomorrow Tomorrow where she got her first major role.

Other of her works include Paper Tiger (1975), Mr. Badul (1979), Big brother (1981), Tomorrow For Who (1982)The death of a Patriot (1984), The Mystery of the Home (1987), Dead Shadows (1990),  and End of Night (1992).

Her most recent works include Rumi and Jawi (2016), and Stories From Mecca (2017).

Her Musical Work

Apart from acting, Kumalasari is a singer as she has numerous albums to her name which include You’re In My Memory (1978), Noor (1979), Me And The Art World (1980), Self-Control (1981), Don’t Go Back (1981), Eye (1982), I’m Here! (1984), Face (1985) and This Is Noor (1988).

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She also performs a duet with Sudirman Haji Arshad and together they have performed together in entertainment shows and events. Some of their songs include Worse Again, Going Together and Eat It.

She took an eighteen years sabbatical from acting and singing in 1988 only to return in 2016.

Noor Kumalasari Net Worth

Kumalasari is seen as one of the prominent names in both the Malaysian music and movies industry. Some of her popular songs include Impressed, Deceptive, The term Love, Songs From The Room and A Lover’s Heart.

Currently, she isn’t active in both acting and singing as it seems she has retired from the stage and decided to focus on her family.

Personal Life

She has been married twice, Her first being to Roslan Onn. The marriage produced a male child named Abdul Qayyum but the marriage hit the rocks as they got divorced.

After the divorce, she met Wan Mohamad Yusof and they both dated before finally got married in 1990. The marriage produced three children namely Wan Amin Nurrashid, Wan Amni Nuruddin, and Wan Irfan Nurul Atiq.

She is still married to Mohamad and currently bears the name Noor Kumalasari bint Mohamed Taib

Kumalasari is also a half-sister to the United States-based music star Anita Sarawak.

How did she amass such wealth?

Noor Kumalasari net worth in 2019 is $6 million which is an impressive sum for an actress and singer whose career is based majorly in Malaysia.

Most of the wealth comes from her music and acting. She has numerous songs to her name which made her a fortune.

Also, her movies generated her lots of income as she has numerous works to her name. Information about her cars and houses aren’t available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.


She has just an award to her name during the course of her career which she received in 2018. She awarded with the Lifetime Awards by Top Daily News.

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