Best Netflix Original Movies – Top 20

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Best Netflix Original Movies – Looking for the best Netflix original movies as of today? Check out these Netflix trending original films.

This list eliminates You need To look for which Netflix movies to watch.

Movies are great entertainment used to pass the time when there are less important things to do. And with the awesome plethora of movies available to watch these days, streaming services like Netflix aren’t looking to disappoint their subscribers, as there are more options than ever.

Here is a comprehensive list of the 20 Best Netflix Original Movies of all time.

Top 20 Best Netflix Original Movies

From rib-cracking comedy to heart-thumping drama, to thrilling action movies, Netflix is already looking to wow all movie freaks with the release of a boatload of their very own all-new contents.

These are the Top 20 Best Netflix Original Movies of all time. check them out

20. Dear Ex

Dear Ex, Netflix Original Movies
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Coming up at number 20 on our list of 20 best Netflix original movies is Dear Ex. Dear Ex a movie which is about three grieving people who are in a struggle to get their lives back together. The movie has some darkly comedic look, even though its plot is more about grief and emotional truths.

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Dear Ex tells the story of Seng Cheng-yuan, a man who came out as being gay and later abandoned his family so he could go and live with his boyfriend Chieh, leaving his family bittered and wrecked with heartbreak and pain. His wife, Liu San-lian, and son, Seng Cheng-hsi, had to go through much more agonising pain when they later heard the news of his death.

19. Soni

sonia, Netflix Original Movies

This Netflix movie Soni is an Indian movie that is about two women who work for the Delhi Police but struggles with the systemic devaluation of women in society.

Soni, whose full name is Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, and her supervisor Kalpana (Saloni Batra), are set to struggle with routine sexism and bureaucratic headaches in both their place of work and the society in general.

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The plot twist of this emotional action drama is really interesting, as both officers are usually handed cases which often involve crimes against women.

18. Paris is Us

Elisabeth Vogler’s Paris Is Us comes up at number 18 on our list. The movie follows a young Parisian girl named Anna, who is looking for a way to connect to the world around her after a sense of feeling isolated. She searches for, and questions her reality, with the zeal to have a feel of genuine experiences and not just living in a simulation.

Though, not for everyone, the movie is pretentious but honest, giving an immersive and one of a kind experience. Volger shoots the movie with a floating, fluid camera that lets you see in Anna’s head, the indelible imagery it creates.

17. Someone is Great

Someone is great is a heart-wrenching and relatable movie about an aspiring music journalist Gina Rodriguez who took the hardest choice of her life to leave her home and the love of her life for 9 years, Lakeith Stanfield, to answer to career calling.

This Netflix original movie tells about the challenges that many people face as regards to making the best choices of their life. That is life, the most challenging and difficult choices to make are often the best. It involves moving forward, having the courage to leave and say goodbye to people and places that no longer belong in your life. [Also, Read: 12 Mind-blowing Mandela Effects With Example]

This movie sits at number 17 spot on our list of 20 Netflix originals Movies of 2020.

16. Lionheart


Lionheart is a Nigerian drama and comedy movie that follows Adaeze, a hardworking young woman who is at the position of taking over from her father’s transit company, Lionheart.

She is looking to prove herself worthy to both her father and the society that she is capable of a take-over. Lionheart is groundbreaking, seeing that it is Netflix’s first-ever Nigerian film. It stresses the value of family and feminism in modern-day African society.

It is on number 16 on our list and is one movie suitable for the whole family.

15. Paddleton


Coming at number 15 is an American drama about two best friends, Andy, and Michael who must deal with Michael’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. In order to grapple with the new situation of things, they continue with their usual everyday routine of things, which includes watching kung fu movies and playing their favourite game made up by them called Paddleton.

This Netflix original movie shows the importance of friendship and is one that gives the audiences a mixed funny and sad feeling at the same time.

14. The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is a sci-fi movie about humanity’s survival amidst the threat of extinction. Though, unknown to many, the movie is one of 2019’s best and biggest films of the year.

The movie was ranked 76% on Rotten Tomatoes and is China’s second highest-grossing movie of all time after raking in millions of dollars at the Chinese Box Office. This Netflix original movie is about the survival of the human race, and man’s struggle to find a new solar system to call home after witnessing the expansion of the sun.

13. The Little Prince

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is an adventure animated drama film, directed by Mark Osborne. It tells a story of a young girl who already had her life planned out for her by her ambitious mother.

The little girl, tired of her already planned perfect life, leaves her home and meets a pilot who shows her a world of endless possibilities, a world where she can rediscover her childhood and then realize that only human connections matter the most. [Also, Read: 14 Amazing Game of Thrones Facts You Didn’t Know]

Packed with a very charming and beautiful story, the movie is rated 94% on rotten tomatoes and is a Winner of the Cesar Award for Best Animated Film. This is one film you and your family don’t wanna miss.

12. High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird is an American Drama and sports movie about basketball and the contentious opportunity pitched by a high profile sports agent against a rookie client, who looks to change the game during an NBA showdown.  [Also, Read: 10 Most Expensive Cars in The World]

Surprisingly, the entire movie was filmed with an iPhone, and critics have praised the level of creativity used in the camera work. This Netflix original movie is rated 92% on rotten tomatoes and has been praised all around.

11. First They Killed My Father

First They Killed My Father

Next on our list is a movie directed by Angelina Jolie which tells the biography of a 7-year-old Cambodian girl who lived her life struggling and fighting for survival after the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

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Told from the narrative of a little girl and the emotional challenges a child has to go through in a time of great trouble, the film was handled pretty well and openly received by both critics and audiences with praise.

10. 1992


Sitting at number 12 is a horror, drama, and crime film directed by Zack Hilditch, 1992. The movie is about a man, Rancher Wilfred. who conspires to like his beloved wife for money, and convinces his son, Henry to join in the act.

The film is based on a novella by Stephen King and filled with suspense as it leaves you glued to your seat, as it seeks to reveal what guilt can do to the human mind. The Netflix original movie is rated 87% on rotten tomatoes and is praised by Stephen King.

9. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

This film is one you really need to add to your watch list. It is a reanimated version of Rudy Kipling’s novel Jungle Book. The film is about the life of a lost child, Mowgli, who is found and raised by a pack of wolves after Sher Khan, the vicious tiger killed his parents.

While growing, the boy learned a lot of rules and rules about the jungle from his Bear friend and Panther Guardian, Baloo and Bagheera. This Netflix original movie is a spectacle to see and took many years for it to be finally released.

8. The Triple Frontier

The Triple Frontier is an American action thriller movie starring Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, and Adria Arjona. The film is about five former special forces operatives who reunited to plan a heist in a less populated multi-border zone of South America.

They set out on this dangerous mission for the glory of themselves rather than their country. But as the tides turn, their skills, knowledge, loyalties, and morals are pushed to the walls in an epic battle for their survival. Directed by J.C Chandor, this action-packed film is a highlight of the Netflix library.

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7. The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles,  Best Netflix Original Movies

Christmas is coming, but brother Teddy and Sister Kate Pierce had other plans in mind as they scheme to capture Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. But when the events of their plot took an unexpected turn, the sibling pair must help Santa and his elves save Christmas.

This Christmas classic at the time of its writing has already been watched over 20,000,000 times! Crazy right? Yeah

6. Our Souls at Night

 Best Netflix Original Movies

This American drama plus romance film comes up at number 6 on our list. This Netflix original movie follows two individuals, Addie Moore, a widow, and Louis Waters, a widower, who have been neighbours for years. As a way of dealing with their loneliness, they both made a move to connect with each other and later began sleeping together platonically.

However, as their relationship deepens, they began to deal with grief and loss, creating a chance for real romance to blossom.

5. Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game,  Best Netflix Original Movies

Coming in at number 5 on our list is another classic adaptation of one of Stephen King Novel, Gerald’s Game. The movie is centred around the life of a bewildered couple who tries to spice up their sex life, but ends up with disastrous consequences, turning into a horrific psychological show.

The Netflix original movie is set in Alabam and is a must-watch.

4. The Babysitter

The Babysitter,  Best Netflix Original Movies

The babysitter brings to the table a new twist on horror and comedy. The movie is about a twelve-year-old boy who is dared by his friends to spy on his babysitter ‘Bee’ to see what she is up to while he is supposed to be asleep.

The horror, which started as a simple game of truth or dare between Bee and her friends she brought to Cole’s home, turned out to be a demonic ritual. Caught by one of Bee’s friends while sneaking, Cole must fight for life to stop Bee and her devilish friends.

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The movie gives a mix of horror and comedy and is a must watch from the Netflix library.

3. Little Evil

Little Evil

Now, this is one movie to watch if you’re looking for a good laugh and horrific scare put together. Rated 91% on rotten tomatoes, the film is based on the story of a newly married man who is starting to believe that his 5-year-old stepson is the offspring of the devil.

The Netflix original movie entails much hilarious performance from Adam Scott, who plays the role of the step-dad. In the movie, he tries to be the best step-dad to his new step-son, but the fun show started to come into play when he started suspecting his son to be the spawn of Satan, the Anti-Christ.

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This play of hilarity sure deserves a place on your catalogue.

2. Tramps

 Best Netflix Original Movies

When two young strangers, Danny and Ellie, pulled into a dodgy briefcase swap, they spent the next 48 hours of their lives trying to get the briefcase back after the deal went AWOL.

The Netflix original movie give a sincere and fantastic epic story of two young hearts, bringing the charm and intimacy that we don’t always need a lot of epic scenes to give as an excuse for two people to fall in love. Do make sure you add this fil to your must-watch list.

1. Roma

 Best Netflix Original Movies

This Oscar-winning drama follows the life of a live-in housekeeper who works for a middle-class Mexican family that lives in the neighbourhood of Roma. This heart-touching and the emotional movie was based on the personal childhood experience of the director of the film, Alfonso Cuaron.

The Netflix original movie is centred around the period of the 1970s in Mexico City. Rated 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has won 3 Academy Awards and is currently the most successful Netflix original movies. The movie sits at number 1 spot on our list.

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