Nav Bhatia Net Worth

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Nav Bhatia Net Worth in 2019: How did the Indian who escaped from his country and migrated to Canada attain wealth in a foreign country?. Read on as we reveal to you secrets about his wealth and success story.

Who is Nav Bhatia?

Nav Bhatia Net Worth

Nav Bhatia is an Indian-Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and owner of Mississauga Hyundai a top car dealership firm. Bhatia who escaped with his family from his home country India in 1984 as a result of violence in his home country has gone on to build make a fortune in Canada.

Together with music star, Drake is a super fan of the Toronto Raptors and also sponsors other Indians to watch Raptors games. Bhatia story is one who despite the challenges of life was able to survive.

Nav Bhatia net worth currently stands at $50 million which is an impressive sum for anyone.

Net Worth $50 million
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth July 9, 1951
Age 68
Citizenship India, Canada

Life and Success Story

Nav Bhatia was born to a Sikh family on the 9th of July 1951 in India. His parents abandoned him as a child and sent to an orphanage for adoption. Information about his family isn’t available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Bhatia during the heat of the Sikh riot in 1984 was able to get a visa to Canada where he migrated with his family to keep them safe. Before his arrival to Canada, he already had obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a university in India which he used it to apply for jobs in Canada.

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Despite writing hundreds of job applications and attending numerous interviews, he was turned down majorly because of his turban as no one wanted someone with a turban but he finally got a job as a salesman in a Hyundai dealership.

Having struggled to get the job, he put in his best and sold hundreds of cars in a short time frame.

His success led to him getting promoted and he was sent to manage one of their ailing outlets. He was able to revitalize that outlet and turn it around to be one of the best in entire Canada. He finally took over it and became the owner and currently owns two of it in Canada.

He is a superfan of Toronto Raptors and is reported to haven’t missed any of their matches from 1995 till date spending over $300,000 annually on tickets. There are only two super fans of Raptors which is Bhatia and Drake.

Apart from business, he is also a philanthropist who based on his life story decided to help those who are in need. He created a non-profit organization that enables kids to attend basketball games and also train in basketball courts.

He is also reckoned for pioneering Bollywood cinemas to Canada and has even financed some Indians into Canada.

Personal Life

Nav Bhatia is married to Arvinder and they together have an adopted daughter by the name Tia who is planning on becoming an actress.

Other information about his personal life is unknown, but we will keep you posted as soon as possible.

Nav Bhatia Net Worth: How did he amass such wealth?

Nav Bhatia Net Worth is $50 million which he earned from his business and investments. Bhatia owns two outlets, the Mississauga and Rexdale Hyundai dealership which is regarded as the best in entire Canada.

His outlets sell hundreds of cars on a monthly basis and provide the best services to customers. Bhatia is dedicated to his work and it reflects on his employees as they put their best.

A Superfan of the Toronto Raptors

Many basketball fans tend to ask who is the guy in turban always in a raptors game, that is Nav Bhatia an Indian. He is a superfan and was even identified by former United States President Barack Obama during on of Raptors games.

He has attended every Raptors game from 1995 till date spending over $300,000 every year on tickets and also spends over $200,000 on sponsoring people to watch the Raptors game.

What lessons have you learned from the Nav Bhatia Net Worth and Life story? Kindly drop a comment below.


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