Most Expensive Celebrity Houses -TOP 17

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11. Demi Moore

Most Expensive Houses In The World
Most Expensive Houses In The World

Worth: $45 million

This NYC triplex was owned by actress Demi Moore before she sold it back in August. Nonetheless, the magnificent home is still included in the list for being such an outstanding piece of architecture.

When it was first placed on the market in 2015, the asking price for this “Floating Mansion” was $75 million. 7,000 sq. ft. triplex penthouse which rises above Central Park is located in the historic San Remo complex and features 6 bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms, the projection room, elaborate plaster ceiling moldings, fireplace accentuated with turquoise tile, and the 1,500 sq. ft. a stone terrace that wraps almost completely around the building’s top tower.

The penthouse will now cost the new owner $19,322 a month for HOA fees.

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