Most Expensive Celebrity Houses -TOP 17

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3. George Lucas

Most Expensive Celebrity Houses
Most Expensive Houses In The World

Worth: $100 million

Although today, specific information about this 4,700 acre Skywalker Ranch is secretive, famous Film director, George Lucas is reported to have purchased Marin County, CA property in 1974, and has spent over a $100 million renovating it over the years. The home can be visited but pictures are not allowed to be taken.  [Also, Read: 17 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities in Africa]

The famed director purchased the 4,700-acre Skywalker Ranch in 1974 and is believed to have spent around $100 million renovating and updating it over the years. Today, specific information about the Marin County, CA property is secretive. Visitors must be invited and pictures are not allowed. (In fact, it’s rumored that Ronald Reagan asked to see the property during his presidency, but the request was turned down.) What is known is that the property includes several buildings, a 300-seat theater, a separate 2-story library, an outdoor pool, underground parking for 200, a thriving garden, and vineyards. In addition, it is said to have its own fire station.

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