15 Most Dangerous Kids in the World

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Kids are often seen as innocent, but you will be surprised with our list of the most dangerous kids in the world.

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

Kids are usually seen as sweet and innocent, and a lot of the time they are. But, there are a few children and teenagers who turn out to be some of the most dangerous people on the planet.

These kids have committed some of the evilest and destructive acts, some out of curiosity, while others, hatred, and anger. Get ready to for your jaw to drop when you see what these seemingly innocent kids have done.

15. Jordan Brown

Most Dangerous Kids in the World
Photo Credit: Dayonline.ru

The murderer of a pregnant 26- year-old woman in New Beaver, Pennsylvania was only 11 years old when he committed the act.
Kenzie Marie Houk, was eight-and-half months pregnant when Jordan murdered her in cold blood. Apparently, his reason why he killed her turned out to be out of jealousy.

Kenzie was Jordan’s father’s fiance, so when she became pregnant, Jordan started to feel jealous even before the baby was born. Thinking the baby, when brought to the world, will take all the attention from him. So, he shot kenzy at the back of her head while she was asleep with a shotgun his father gave him for Christmas. [Also Read: 12 Dangerous Dogs In The World, You Probably Don’t Know]

14. Michael Hernandez

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

Twelve years after murdering in cold blood, a convicted killer, Michael Hernandez was resentenced to life in prison. When Hernandez was only fourteen years old, he wanted to live out his sickest childhood fantasy, which is to murder one of his classmates in broad daylight.

Reports after investigations show that Hernandez came to school that day prepared with tapes, rubber gloves, and a knife. He lured fellow teenager, Jamie Gough, into one of the school’s toilets where he stabbed him 40 times. As if that was not enough, he went on to slit the young boy’s throat, left him there and proceeded to class like nothing ever happened.  [Also, Read Top 6 Best Netflix Comedy Films Of all Time]

Thankfully, after his trial, the judge sentenced Hernandez to life in prison for his violent crimes.

13. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier

Most Dangerous Kids in the World
Photo Credit : BBC

This event is characterized as a fake scary story turning real. In 2014, two twelve-year-old girls named Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier tried to turn simple horror entertainment tv show into reality. They spent a whole year planning to sacrifice someone in order to please slenderman.

So, on one Saturday, the two girls convinced one of their middle school classmates to go into the woods with them to where they live. The girl, whose name, Paton Linda. They tried to take the girl’s life with a knife, thinking they were done, they left the girl in the woods. [Also, Read: 25 Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire]

However, Paton miraculously didn’t die and managed to crawl out of the woods to a nearby house to call for help. She was hospitalized for some days and later gave into full recovery. After which, the creator of the character, slenderman sent his condolences for the event that has happened, backed with a cheque. The two girls were sentenced to prison but were first sent to a psychiatric home.

12. Thompson Toddlers

Most Dangerous Kids in the World
Photo Credit: Iheart.com

When Racquel Thompson and her boyfriend, both residents in Houston, Texas, decided to get a takeaway pizza in November 2015 but decided that they would leave Thompson’s three young children at home, they never expected the result of their action to turn out disastrous.

By the time they were away, The three-year-old twins put their nineteen-month-old baby sister in the oven. By the time they’d return, the baby was already all cooked up, died of severe burns. The toddlers later told the police that one child had put the baby into the oven, while the other had turned it on which made it hot.  [Also, Read: 20 Netflix Original Movies You Need To Watch]

While no charges were filed against the children, Thompson and her boyfriend were charged with Child Endangerment.

11. The Bever Brothers

Most Dangerous Kids in the World
Photo credit: The Guardian

The next stop on our list of most dangerous kids in the world is the Bever Brothers. This tragic event took place in July of 2015, in Oklahoma, which saw the killing of an entire family by two brothers, Robert, who was 18, and Michael, who was 16.

They both took the life of their entire family members, which included their parents and two, out of their four siblings with a knife. The most disturbing of their violent act against their own flesh and blood is that what they had planned was way worse, a mass murder just to be famous. [Also, Read: 25 Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire]

They were later caught, and sentenced to jail. They were described as the two most evil brothers by the press.

10. Josh Phillips

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

When an eight-year-old girl went missing in Jackson’s Ville, Florida. Police searched every part of the neighbourhood. But, Nobody thought to find the body of the little girl where it was hidden. A week after the little girl, named Maddie Cliff, was reported missing. [Also, Read Top 6 Best Netflix Comedy Films Of all Time]

Her mother was cleaning her son’s room when she found a strange liquid substance dripping off from under his water bed. Out of curiosity and further inspection, she discovered the body of her daughter underneath. When she confronted her son Phillips, he explained that he accidentally struck his little sister with a baseball bat when they were playing.

The most agonizing part is, instead of helping her, Phillips beats her up again before stabbing her to death. He was excused from a death penalty only because he was under 16 at the time of the incident.

9. Jasmine Richards

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

Coming up next on our list we have Jasmine Richards. She is one of the most famous dangerous kids in the world. Jasmine is a twelve-year-old girl from Alberto, USA. She had a boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke. They both like to appear pretty odd and would love to talk about things most people would find scary. A few times they even talked about taking the life of Jasmine’s parents. This was because Jasmine’s parents had punished her for dating Jeremy because he was way older than her. [Also, Read Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World by Forbes]

However, Jasmine disclaimed the report, saying it was only a joke, and that they never meant it in any serious way. But, however, sometime in 2006, Jeremy entered Richard’s house and murdered both Jasmines’ parents. She told the press that she was shocked at the time of the incident, or in a zombie state, whatever that means! And she couldn’t stop him or go for help. I don’t know about that, but she went on to do to her little brother, what Jeremy had done to her parents.

She was sentenced to 10 years in a mental ward, probably because of her age, but Jeremy was locked up for 25 years with parol and will be out in 2035.

8. Shirley Wolf and Cindy Collier

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

Looking for weird and dangerous? The story of these two teenage girls will shock you. One day two girls name Shirley, 14, and Cindy, 15 knocked on the door of an 85-year-old lady name Anna Bracket. They told the old lady that a strange person is following them, and they wanted to come inside and use her phone, As soon as she let them in, all of a sudden they took her life with a knife and quickly ran out of the house.  [Also, Read: 12 Mind-blowing Mandela Effects With Example]

What’s creepy here is, the two teenage girls had done something similar to another older lady before coming to Anna. They had knocked on the door and came into the house, but the woman’s husband walked into the room and so they decided to leave. The lady described their behavior as strange as they began cleaning the glass the had given them, and they also wiped their phone with cleaning gel after she was done using it.

This was all in an attempt to clear all their fingerprints. But even though they did all this, it didn’t take long for the cops to track down the teens and were both sentenced to a long time in a mental ward. The most messed up part of this crazy tale of two teens when asked why they did all of what they did, they said they did it for fun.

7. Nehemiah Griego

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

This crazy but sad event of child homicide took place in Mexico in 2013. A 15-year-old young boy named Nehemiah Griego woke up one night decided to take his mother’s life with a 22 caliber rifle. The sound of the gunshots woke his younger brother, and Nehemiah showed him what he had did, his little brother got upset and Nehemiah did his brother what he did to his mum. [Also, Read: 14 Amazing Game of Thrones Facts You Didn’t Know]

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, he went to his two little sister’s room and shot them as well. Then he waited for his father to return home and pulled the trigger on him as well. He got intoxicated by his actions and planned on taking more lives before he was stopped by the police. He was sentenced to prison till he turns 21. People suggest the sentence was too merciful for the heinous crimes he had committed.

6. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

Most Dangerous Kids in the World

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were only ten years old when they lured two-year-old James Bulger away from his mother on February 12, 1993.

Surveillance footage showed the boys at the New Strange Shopping Center in Bootle, England observing other children before targeting little James. Two days after James disappeared, his mutilated body was found near Walton, Liverpool. [Also, Read: 10 Most Expensive Cars in The World]

He had been tortured and beaten to death before being left on a railway line where he’d been hit by a train and cut into two. The two boys were arrested on February 20 and were charged with abduction and murder.

5. Keith Randulich

Keith Randulich

Chicago teen Keith was only nineteen-years-old when he told his mother he wanted a gun. He claimed it was for protecting his little sister, Sabrina, who was four, from a relative that was sexually abusing her. Though this was never proven. His mother rejected his request and told him he couldn’t have a gun and refused to buy it for him.  [Also Read: 16 Most Richest Drug Dealers of all Time]

However, on the 22 of March 2009, he took his little sister, Sabrina down the basement and stabbed her in the neck. He told the police after he was arrested that she begged him to stop and asked him why he was hurting her. Keith was later sentenced to forty years in prison for murdering his own sister.

4. Erika Denardo

Erika Denardo

The De Nardo family lived in a good neighborhood in Novi Ligure, Italy, and seem to be a happy family too. Their two kids, Gianluca, 11, and Erika, 16 got along pretty well, or as people thought. Unknown to her family, Erika had developed a drug problem and it made her feel hate for her family, as she expressed in her journal.

On the night of February 21st, 2001, Erika and her boyfriend hatched a terrible plot. While her father was out on a soccer game, they murdered her mother and younger brother, stabbing them over a hundred times. Like they are dead already, why keep stabbing them. [Also. Read 10 World most expensive fidget spinner]

The incident was thought to be a robbery at first, but the police caught a record of Erika and her boyfriend talking about their crime. They were arrested and Erika served sixteen years in prison, while her boyfriend served fourteen years.

3. Amarjeet Sada

Amarjeet Sada

In 2008, the title of the world’s youngest serial killer was given to a young boy from India named Amarjeet Sada. He was only eight years old was found to have killed three babies. His killing started when he took his six-month-old cousin into a field and struck the baby with a rock.  [Also, Read: 25 Hardest Riddles That Will Leave You Speechless (With Answers)]

Then, he did the same thing to his sister and eventually, his neighbor’s child. When he was arrested and questioned about his heinous act, he didn’t speak much, just smiled when everyone was questioning about the murder and asked for biscuits.

2. Craig Price

Craig Price

Craig Price is regarded as the youngest serial killer in US history. He chooses his victim from people that lived in his own neighbourhood. He once broke into a nearby house when he was thirteen years old, and stabbed a woman to death. The case went unsolved for two years, until his second violent rampage. [Also, Read: Top 20 Most Beautiful Places in the World – You have to Visit]

He reportedly broke into a house with the intention of stealing, but accidentally woke up a female occupant. He went on to attack the lady, strangled and stabbed her before two young daughters came and tried to fight Craig off. But, he killed all three of them.

He was arrested eventually, and sentenced to prison. But sending him to incarceration didn’t stop his violent tendencies, as it continued while inside prison, extending his sentence by several years.

1. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper

During his childhood, Edmund Kemper started showing disturbing signs of horrible acts he would commit later on. At the age of ten, kemper buried a pet cat alive, and slit another throat when he was thirteen. When he was fifteen, he was sent to live with his grandmother.  [Also, Read: The 11 Richest Countries In Africa By Economy]

While living with his grandmother, Kemper acquired a gun, used to the gun to shoot his grandmother to see what it felt like. Then he turned the rifle to his grandfather and did the same.

Surprisingly, he was released from prison at the age of twenty-one, but his violent act continued as he went on to kill eight more times, including his own mother.


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