Most Beautiful Spanish Women – Top 17

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Introducing: 17 MOST Beautiful Spanish Women. Spain, the “country of beautiful women” as some may call it, is blessed with so many beautiful and gorgeous women that can be found on the planet. These beauties are absolutely stunning even without makeup, their skin glitters like the crystals, and their bodies are just smoking-hot you just might get burned if you touch them (that’s me exaggerating). They are some of the most energetic, passionate, hardworking ethical, and skilful females you can find.

Our ranking of the most beautiful women from different parts of the world continues. We’ve ranked the most beautiful women from Korea, Africa, Nigeria, India, Israel and Japan, and today, here are 17 Most Beautiful Spanish Women.

17. Blanca Suárez

Blanca Suárez

We kick off our ranking with one of the most beautiful Spanish actresses there is Blanca Suarez. Her full name is Blanca Martine Suarez and she is a renowned Spanish actress popular for her performances on TV series such as The Boarding School, The Boat, and the Netflix series Cable Girls. She also an occasional model who has worked with top brands like Intimissimi (an Italian lingerie label). She is currently a writer for Vogue España magazine.

16. Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia Moro Fernandez

At number 16th position is Spanish model and winner of the 2007 Miss Madrid beauty pageant, Claudia Moro Fernández. Born on November 10, 1985, in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, this Spanish beauty queen also contested for the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in 2008 where she placed 7th overall. She remains one of the most beautiful Spanish women ever.

15. Patricia Yurena Rodríguez

Patricia Yurena Rodríguez

Next on the list of the most beautiful woman in Spain is Patricia Yurena Rodriguez. She’s an actress, model, and beauty queen. Born on 6 of March 1990, she represented her country Spain in the miss world and miss universe beauty pageants.

And if you’re a guy and you are already becharmed by her immense beauty, am sorry to disappoint you because Miss Rodriguez is Spain’s first openly lesbian international beauty queen. She disclosed this on her Instagram in August 2014. Why Patricia, why?!

14. Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias is the next most beautiful woman in Spain. She’s a Spanish super-model whose sexiness, charisma, and body curve will surely take your breath away. The 32-year old Spanish model has been a feature for Spanish, Mexican, American, and Polish Playboy Cover credit to her confident and stellar looks. Aside from her modelling, Triana is also a great dancer and works as both a presenter and reporter.

13. Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez

Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez

Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez comes at the 13th spot in our list of the most beautiful women in Spain. She’s a well-established Spanish model and actress, and have made numerous appearances in movies and television dramas. She also took part in the 2006 Eurovision contest. She is most popular for her roles in the shows Cosmopolitan Coffer and Happy.

12. Estibaliz Pereira

Estibaliz Pereira
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Our 12th most beautiful woman in Spain is a fashion model and beauty queen, Estibaliz Pereira. She was part of the Miss España that held in 2009 at the gala event in Cancun, Mexico where she was crowned the winner. She’s also the second only female Spanish female to represent Spain at the miss universe beauty pageant in 2009 after winning the Miss Spain beauty pageantry.

11. Paula Echevarría

Paula Echevarría

Paula Echevarría is another Spanish model and actress, and she ranks as the 11th most beautiful Spanish woman on our list. This gorgeous diva made her debut movie appearance with Al Salir declass, Compañeros, and Policías. Also, the Spanish beauty works at popular television news show “Emisión Impossible.”

10. Nerea Arce

Nerea Arce
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

At number 10 we have Nerea Arce, a Spanish model, and popular face in the modelling industry. Born on March 10, 1988, in Baracaldo, Spain the 30-year-old is truly what defines beauty given her pretty face and sexy body. 

9. Paz Vega

Paz Vega

Next up on our list of most beautiful Spanish woman is Paz Vagas. She is one of the most popular faces in Spain as she is a renowned actress and model. This very beautiful and talented Spanish diva rose to prominence in the popular TV drama titled “Menudo es Mi Padre” and “Friends.”

8. Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky

Elsa Lafuente Medianu also is known as Elsa Pataky is a wonderful Spanish model, producer, and a successful actress. Born on 18 July 1976, in Madrid, Spain, the 42 years actress is famed for her appearance as Elena Neves in the fast and the furious franchise.

And has made other features in hit movies such as snakes on a plane, Giallo and Give ’em hell, and Malone. She ranks as the 8th most beautiful Spanish woman on our list.

7. Amaia Salamanca Urizar

Amaia Salamanca Urizar

This list won’t be complete without the mention of Amaia Salamanca Urizar. Although she is not ranked number as the most beautiful Spanish woman, this 28-year old charming Spanish actress from Madrid has got a unique personality and charisma that has earned her the 7th position as the most beautiful Spanish woman. She has played roles in different movies including the Spanish version of the TV series “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso.”

6. Maria Eugenia Silva Hernandez Mancha

Maria Eugenia Silva Hernandez Mancha
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Maria is leaving nothing chance when it comes to who the most beautiful Spanish woman is. As all Spanish women are naturally gorgeous, but adding a touch of sexiness to that is not everyone’s cup of cake. The 38-year-old Spanish model has managed to maintain her sex appeal and has been the image for top agencies like Garnier, Oscar de la Rata and L’Oreal group’s magnum. She ranks as the 6th most beautiful Spanish woman.

4. Sonia Lafuente Martinez

Sonia Lafuente Martinez
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Sonia Lafuente Martinez is our 4TH most beautiful Spanish woman our list. And unlike the other names mentioned, Sonia is not an actress or model but a Spanish figure skater. She has won the Spanish National Title 6 times and is the first Spanish skater to receive a medal on the ISU Junior Grand Prix Circuit at the 2006 Mexico Cup. Born on December 7, 1991, the former Club Hielo Igloo Skater is very talented and gifted with both beauty and skills.

4. Judith Masco

Judith Masco
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

As we know already, Spain produces some of the most beautiful models and actresses in the world. Judith Masco is a Spanish model, writer, and TV presenter. She hails from Barcelona, and have had the opportunity to work as a TV commercial at just 13. The beautiful Spanish diva is currently one of the most famous models in Spain.

She gained prominence in the modelling industry at age 21 after she landed a deal for swimsuit edition “sports illustrated magazine.” Thereafter, her popularity was further heightened as she was approached by other top brands such as Escada, Palmers Lingerie, Armand Bassi, and Mango to image for them.

3. Lorena Bernal Pascual

Lorena Bernal Pascual
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Down to the 3rd name on our list of most beautiful Spanish woman is Lorena Bernal Pascual. She’s a model and actress of Argentine-Spanish descent. This beauty queen has crowned the Miss Spain beauty pageant in 1999. Lorena is a very popular name in the modelling industry in Spain, and the world as well as she is ranked in the top models in the world. She’s also made appearances in several movies and hosted more than 13 television shows.

2. Ines Sastre

Ines Sastre
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Valladoid’s diva, Ines Sastre ranks as our second most beautiful Spanish woman on the list. She is an actress and model who appeared in McDonald’s TV commercials at the young age of 12. The former Tresor by Lancôme model has also appeared in a series of movies, and her best performance being recorded in the movie” El Dorada”. Ines Sastre’s stunning beauty has earned her the Second Position as The Most Beautiful Woman in Spain.

1. Penelope Cruz

 Penelope Cruz
Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Her name needs no introduction, she is the most famous Spanish actress and one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, she is, Penelope Cruz. And she is the most beautiful woman in Spain in our ranking.

Her pretty face makes her look even younger than her age. Who would believe she’s above 40? Penelope has made lots of movie appearances in her career and has also modelled for some of the top brands in the world. She is a winner of the 2008 Academy Award for her outstanding performance in the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

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Which of these ladies do you consider the most beautiful women in Spain


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