Michael Jordan Net Worth, Career and Earnings

Michael Jordan net worth in 2019: How did the former professional basketball player and businessman ‘Michael Jordan’ attain such a net worth? Read on, to find out the impressive secrets behind Michael Jordan’s salary, earnings, Investments, and success story.

Michael Jordan net worth

How much is Michael Jordan Worth?

Net Worth: $1.9 billion
Profession: Former professional basketball player, Baseball player, Business man
Age: 56
Date Of BirthFebruary 17, 1963
Nationality: American
Resident Florida 

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a professional basketball player popularly regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, having led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association Championship. He also gained the reputation of being one of the best defensive players in basketball. In 2014, Jordan became the first billionaire player in NBA history, and he is currently the third-richest African-American, behind Robert F. Smith and Oprah Winfrey.

Jordan’s 15-year NBA career was a career of dominance for him in that no athlete may ever reach, or even surpass his achievements.

Early Life/Personal Life

Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York to James R. Jordan Sr. and Deloris. His family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was a toddler.

He is the fourth of five children. He has two older brothers, one older sister, and a younger sister.

Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in September 1989, and they had two sons, Jeffrey and Marcus, and a daughter Jasmine. On January 4, 2002, the couple filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences but later got back together. They filed for divorce 4 years later with Juanita receiving a $168 million settlement making it the largest celebrity divorce settlement at that time.

Michael Jordan’s son, Jeffery Jordan who is his eldest, made the basketball team at the University of Illinois. Jordan’s son left the University of Illinois to focus on school, but later decided to return to the team, but after 2009/10 season he transferred to the University of Central Florida alongside his brother, Marcus. Currently, Jeffery Jordan no longer plays basketball for personal reasons.

On April 27, 2013, Jordan married 35-year-old Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto in Palm Beach, Florida. The couple welcomed twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, in February 2014.


Jordan was a member of the Tar Heels’ national championship team at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982.

In 1984, Jordan made his first appearance at the Olympic Games as a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball team. The team won the gold at the games that year, where it was held at Los Angeles

 After three seasons playing for them, he joined the NBA Chicago Bulls in 1984, where he quickly stood out, entertaining crowds with his prolific scoring. He earned the name ‘Air Jordan’ because of his leaping prowess.  Jordan finished his bachelor’s degree in geography and continued to play professional basketball. In 1991 he won his first NBA championship with the bulls, and also won the championship in 1992, and in 1993.

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Jordan retired from professional basketball in 1993-94 to pursue a career in baseball. His move to play baseball was strange, but the decision came shortly after the loss of his father who died as a result of violence perpetrated by teenagers during a robbery. Jordan played for a minor league baseball team, the Birmingham Barons, as an outfielder. He later rejoined the Bulls and led them to three more championships in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Jordan retired for the second time in 1999 but returned for two more NBA seasons from 2001 – 2003 as a member of the Wizards.

Outside of sports, Jordan has also dabbled in business as well as acting. He has signed a number of endorsement deals with brands such as Nike, Upper Deck, Hanes, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Chevrolet.

Jordan was involved in the 1996 movie Space Jam which was a mix of live-action and animation. He acted alongside popular cartoon character, Bug Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Jordan bought a share of the basketball team Charlotte Bobcats in 2006 where he joined the team’s executive ranks as its managing member of basketball operations. He later became the majority owner of the team in 2010 serving as its chairman.

Awards and recognition

Michael Jordan has received numerous awards including receiving the Most Valuable Player award five times in 1988,1991, 1992,1996 and 1998.

He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in April 2009 which is one of basketball’s greatest honours, although Jordan stated that attending the event meant “Your basketball career is completely over”.

President Barack Obama presented Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom honour in 2016.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

As of 2019, Michael Jordan net worth is reportedly about 1.9 billion USD, and he is also the highest-paid athlete of all time. This is no small feat given that Jordan made less than $100 million as one of the greatest Basketball players of all time. Since his retirement, he has built the most lucrative career ever seen from a former athlete.

Jordan made $90 million in total playing for the NBA, and about $63 million of that came in his final two seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

His net worth skyrocketed after the value of the Charlott Hornets rose, a team in which he holds the majority of the shares. He bought the Hornets for $175 million, and now the team is worth over $1 billion. Jordan also makes a chunk load of money from his endorsements reportedly making over $100 million from Nike alone. Nike’s Jordan Brand brings in more than $3 billion in revenue each year. He also owns several restaurants.

6 interesting facts about Michael Jordan

  1. He makes more money than Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, or any other active player.
  2. Michael was the 455th-richest person in the US in 2018
  3. He is the richest former professional athlete
  4. Jordan reportedly wanted to sign with Adidas, but they passed preferring players who were 7 feet tall
  5. Nike founder Phil Knight called signing Jordan the best decision he ever made, nabbing the NBA rookie for $250,000 a year in 1984.
  6. He has a private jet which has an ID number that contains his Jersey number 23.

Here is a video of Micheal Jordan’s Hall of Fame Speech…

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