12 Mind-blowing Mandela Effect With Example

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You might be wondering what the hell a Mandela Effect is. Well, let’s look at it this way. Have you ever remembered something but later realized you remembered it wrong?

When this happens, you might be said to be suffering from the ‘Mandela Effect’. It is the chance that you are remembering things differently or outside of what is generally known to be the actual fact.

You can call it a false shared memory. The Mandela Effect happens when a person or a number of people have a false memory of an event or a fact.

This phenomenon actually started and was named after a popular occurrence of the effect itself where many people back in 2010 remembered Nelson Mandela as to have died in prison in the 1980s rather from his actual death in 2013 from Illness. People claimed to have witnessed the death of Nelson Mandela and recalled news clips and TV coverage of his Funeral. But that’s by far from what actually really happened. Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa after he was released from prison and lived

For three decades before passing on. People have different interpretation and opinions about what the Mandela Effect is all about. For many, it is a case of simple misremembering of events or not having a clear knowledge about a past event or fact.

Others believe it is the possibility of an alternate or parallel universe. Opinions of an alternate universe may sound weird and creepy but some of the Mandela Effect appear rather odd, to say the least.

If you have a single crack head remembering something incorrectly can be understood, since he’s a crack head. But having a larger number of complete strangers remembering the exact same memory of an event that is supposed to never have occurred is rather troubling.

12 Mind-blowing Mandela Effects

So in this article, we are going to have a look at 12 mind-blowing Mandela Effects examples that will make you question your reality.

12. Mona Lisa ‘Smile’

Mandela Effects

There’s a debate on the famous Da Vinci’s painting of Mona Lisa. While many remembered her to be smiling, others remember a woman whose smile was hardly traceable. While the image itself of she smiling or not can’t necessarily be a symptom of the Mandela Effect, people misremembering it is.  [Also Read: 12 Dangerous Dogs In The World, You Probably Don’t Know]

A lot of people claim to have noticed in the painting that she had a smile, while others believe her smile was highly untraceable. But scientist believes the image is an optical illusion. Providing explanations for that. From each individual perspective, based on how you view the image, it changes your perception of the colors blends together. So for many, seeing the painting from a specific angle may alter some changes to the painting and doesn’t always leave a smile.

11. Billy Graham’s Death

Mandela Effects

Billy Graham was a well-known American Christian Evangelist who recently died in 2018. Yet, his death is believed by many to have occurred years ago. Some people even have claims of having in details his funeral proceeding with Bill Clinton delivering a speech in Graham’s Honor.

10. The Berenstain Bears

Mandela Effects

The Berenstain Bears children book is one of the most popular Mandela Effects. A lot of people have fond memories of the books. It is a book well loved by many and cherished in their childhood. However, many who have read these books often remember the spelling of the books as “Berenstein”. But it is actually spelt “Berenstain” with an ‘a’ in the last syllable and not an ‘e’.  [Also, Read Top 6 Best Netflix Comedy Films Of all Time]

9. Canonization of Mother Tereza

Mother Tereza

Mother Tereza

One of the most popular and influential people in the past decade, and a famous Roman Catholic nun and a missionary, Mother Tereza, was canonized on the 4th of September 2016, 19years after her death. But as far as many could recall, she was canonized in the 1990s’, even though she was still alive at that time and referenced particularly Pope John Paul II as the pope who approved her canonization.  [Also, Read: 15 Most Dangerous Kids in the World]

8. Sex and the City

Mandela Effects

While many still believe this iconic comedy television show produced by HBO is called Sex in the City, the actual name of the six-season-long show is ‘Sex and the City’. With pictures of perfumes sets still surfacing with clearly says “Sex in the City”, old memorabilia also supports the Mandela Effect notion.

7. John F. Kennedy Assassination

John F. Kennedy

While many believed that Jackie Kennedy, wife of the former President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy was holding a gun in her hand and was involved in the assassination of her husband on November 22nd, 1963. She was not. And when John F. Kennedy was shot, his motorcade had just six people in the car, not four. Many believed there had been just four people in his car when he was assassinated. It’s sure going to be pretty difficult explaining to those who believed there were only four people in his motorcade how the extra two persons came about.

6. Mickey Mouse doesn’t wear Suspenders

 Mickey Mouse

Kids love the Mickey Mouse show and adults who watched the shows while growing up would remember Mickey’s shorts having suspenders because they’re high-waisted. But the reality is, Disney’s most famous character originally do not have his iconic suspenders. Many remember the production of toys and stuffed animals of the Disney character with shoulder straps meanwhile the official cartoons of the show don’t show Mickey with shoulder straps on.

5. His name is spelt as Gandhi and not Ghandi

Mandela Effects

Remembering the correct spelling of a name from another language different from yours can be tricky. This is the case of another Mandela Effect as many would swear that they remember the last name of the famous Indian Civil Rights Leader Mahatma, as ‘Ghandi’. But in reality, it’s actually spelt as Gandhi.

4 Interview with the Vampire

Mandela Effects

Many who have seen the movie remembers the title of the movie as ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and the latter is so popular that even when searched for on Google produces the alternate title rather than the original. The actual title of the 1976 horror film is ‘Interview with the Vampire’.

3. Mirror on the Wall

Mirror on the Wall

Snow White:Mirror on the Wall

One of Disney’s old classic animated film Snow White is one memorable for its characters and story which nearly everyone knows something about. It’s a movie famous for the evil witch queen and her magic mirror. But what is most famous is the line “mirror, mirror on the wall”, well as it is recalled by many though. The actual line in the movie is “magic mirror on the wall”. Well, it’s not likely that the mirror is going to correct you when you address it wrong anyways.

2. Jiff or Jiffy Peanut Butter

Mandela Effects

Lovers of jelly sandwiches and peanut butter would remember they have been eating a jiffy peanut butter at some point in time. But here’s the reality to this fact, there is no jiffy peanut butter. No such brand exists. But most Mandela Effect believers would recall the jelly counterpart brand as a jiffy. It’s actually Jif peanut butter.

1. C3PO from the Star Wars Movie isn’t all gold

c 3po
c 3po/ Image Credit: Amazon.com

Many fans would conclude that the robotic character in the Star wars movie C3PO is all gold considering his shiny gold plated body. However, what most fans would not remember is that his right leg is actually silver.


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