Jimmy Nail Net Worth and Salary

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Jimmy Nail Net Worth: How much is Jimmy Nail’s net worth and how did he acquire his wealth? Today, we will look into Jimmy Nail’s net worth and salary and reveal the secrets to his wealth.

Who is Jimmy Nail?


Jimmy Nail is an American actor famous English singer-songwriter, actor, film producer, and television writer. He is known for his role as Leonard “Oz” Osborne in the hit television show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, his title role in Spender, and his 1992 number one single, “Ain’t No Doubt”.

Jimmy has achieved outstanding success in his career as an actor and has raked in a huge amount of fortune in the process.

So, how much has he made thus far? Continue reading to find out…

Net Worth $1.2 Million
Profession Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Film Producer, and Television Writer
Date of Birth 16 March 1954

Early Life and Career

James Michael Aloysius Bradford popularly known as Jimmy Nail was born on 16 March 1954 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England to parents Jimmy and Laura Bradford.

His father was an Irish Catholic shipyard worker, an amateur boxer, and a professional footballer. Jimmy describes his childhood as ‘rough’ says he was an angry kid who got expelled from secondary school for setting fire to curtains.

His sister Shelagh died when he was 13. He got affected by the loss which led him into a life of drinking, fighting, and generally rebelling against authority.

One time, Jimmy got involved in a fight after a football match and was sent to prison. After his released, Jimmy worked in a glass factory. He got his nickname ‘Nail’ after he accidentally stood on a six-inch spike that drove through his foot while he was trying to open a crate of glass.

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Jimmy also played guitar in a rock band known as the King Crabs.

He decided to go into acting after his wife, Miriam encouraged him to audition for a television show even though he had no experience in acting.

However, he got the opportunity to play the role of Leonard Jeffrey “Oz” Osborne on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, an ITV comedy-drama in 1983.

Since then, Jimmy went on to star in a number of other TV shows which include Starship, Minder, Blott on the Landscape, Master of the Game, and Raoul Wallenberg to mention a few.

Also, he co-wrote the detective series Spender with Ian La Frenais. The show ran for three series from 1990 to 1993 and also produced a telefilm and a novel.

In addition to his television appearances, Jimmy also featured in the following movies –

  • Morons from Outer Space (1985)… as Desmond
  • Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985)…as “Punk”
  • Dream Demon (1987)… as Paul
  • Just Ask for Diamond (1988)… as Boyle
  • Crusoe (1989)… as Tarik
  • Danny, the Champion of the World

Aside from his acting which was his source of livelihood, Jimmy’s first love was music.

Personal Life

Jimmy Nail is happily married to his wife Miriam Jones. They have two boys, Tommy and Freddie. Jimmy currently lives in London with his family.

Jimmy Nail’s Net Worth: How much is he worth?

As of 2019, Jimmy Nail has a net worth of $1.2 million. The English pop singer has done well thus far in his career. His source of wealth comes from being a pop singer.


In 2004, Jimmy launched a lawsuit against News Group Newspaper and Harper Collins Publishers for false and defamatory allegations against him.

The incident from which the allegations were made occurred two years before-hand in an article found in ‘News of the World and Nailed’, a biography, which was the newspaper’s source.

Jimmy described reading the article as one of the worst experiences of his life. More interesting is that, he reportedly received damages of £30,000.

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Awards and Honors

Jimmy’s excellent work and performance has gotten him five BAFTA nominations (three in total for A.W.P., one for Spender, one for Crocodile Shoes), a Golden Globe nomination (Best Original Song – “Still Crazy”), an Ivor Novello nomination (for “Ain’t No Doubt”) and numerous other awards and nominations.

Highlights of Jimmy Nail’s Personal Projects

  • Spender (1991–93) – actor, writer, producer, creator
  • Crocodile Shoes (1994) – actor, writer, executive producer, creator
  • Crocodile Shoes II (1996) – actor, writer, executive producer, title music composer, creator
  • Parents of the Band (2008–09) – actor, creator, executive producer, title music composer

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