17 Magnificent Glass Buildings that are Mind-Blowing

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10. Langen Foundation

Langen Foundation

Although the Langen foundation building currently serves as a museum of arts, the glass house was formerly used as a NATO base.

Designed by Tadao Ando architect & associates, the building has an impressive glass enclosure which covers the inner concrete structure and also serves as a blind, and also reflects the artificial pond that surrounds the museum.        

9. Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

This sound and vision institute in the Netherlands is spectacular. Designed by Willem Jan Neutelings and Michel Riedijk, both top architects in their field, the building is one of the most colourful glass structure in the world. Designed in the shape of a cube, coloured glass panels were used as a cover for this mind-blowing edifice.

8. House Cafe Kanyon

House Cafe Kanyon

Our next magnificent glass structure is the house of Café Kanyon situated right inside the Kanyon Mall in Istanbul, Turkey. This amazing structure was designed by one of the country’s top design firms, Autoban, and it is a steel and glass restaurant. The House Café was designed as an in-house transparent box to contain the café backed with a strong identity that matches its environment.

7. Reichstag Dome

Reichstag Dome

Another masterpiece from the award-winning British architect, Norman Foster, the Reichstag dome is the 7th magnificent glass building on our list. It’s a glass building built on top of the rebuilt Reichstag building that was destroyed in the famous Reichstag fire.

6. The Great Glass House

The Great Glass House

Located in Carmarthenshire, Wales, this fascinating glass structure is another magnificent design by English architect Norman Foster. It’s a single span glass house that looks like a giant droplet of water just landed on the Welsh landscape. The building’s 147 vents are all controlled by a computer and built facing the south to attract maximum sunlight.

5. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop

Probably not as magnificent as other on the list, and well-known too, but the Kanagawa Institute of technology workshop located in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan is one of the most captivating and transparent glass building in the world.

The building was designed to allow students to work in optimal lightening conditions while staying connected to the surrounding environments. Built beside tree trunks and forest like plants, this magnificent piece of architecture is one ideal place to get the best out of your work in a cool, calm, and serene environment.

4. W Barcelona hotel

W Barcelona hotel

At number four we have the W Barcelona hotel, which is one of many popular tourists destination in Spain. It’s a five-star glass hotel located in the Barcelona district. This magnificent building was designed by Ricardo Bofill and stands at 325 ft.

3. 30 St Mary Axe, London

30 St Mary Axe, London

The 30 St Mary Axe, or ‘The Gherkin’ as it’s also called, is one of the tallest buildings in London. The gigantic structure was designed by the award-winning British architect, Norman Foster and was fully completed in 2003.

The building which has 41 floors, is equipped with thick glass panels that cover most of the building, therefore increasing the use of natural light and temperature. In 2004, the building was recognized with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Sterling Prize. An award it sure deserved!

2. Evolution Tower

Evolution Tower

The Evolution Tower comes second on our list of magnificent glass building. Its ranking comes with no dispute, the one-of-a-kind skyscraper is truly a wonder to behold. Located in Moscow’s International Business Center, it’s a very popular sight for both locals and tourists who are visiting.

The futuristic, DNA-looking structure (it does look like a DNA, doesn’t it?) is a 55-story office building, standing at 837 feet (255 meters) and covering a total area of 169,000 square meters. The Evolution Tower was designed by British architect Tony Kettle, in partnership with Russian architect Phillip Nikandrov. There’s no doubt that this incredible piece of ingenious architecture deserves its place on the list of the magnificent glass building.

1. The National Center for Performing Arts

The National Center for Performing Arts

The National Center for Performing Arts is the most magnificent glass building in the world. The building which looks like a giant egg (as described most times) is one of China’s most astonishing building structure.

Located in Beijing, China, the 12,000 square meter building was built having three separate halls that can accommodate up to 5,000 people and is used for art performances like Opera and Ballet. This amazing giant dome-like building was designed by French architect Paul Andreu, and it was built with incredible glass and steel combination.

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