17 Magnificent Glass Buildings that are Mind-Blowing

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What are the magnificent glass buildings ever? Here is what we know. In today’s post, we shall be taking a look at some of the most magnificent architectural creativity of man, glass buildings that are just breath-taking. They are full of life and art and will leave you speechless at the very first glance. Here are 17 magnificent glass buildings that are mind-blowing

Top Glass Buildings In the world

Building designs and engineering are evolving and vast developing, creative architects are continuing to push beyond their boundaries, creating new ideas, and designs that are exceptional and pure class.

These creative builders have utilized their natural insight to produce some of the most outstanding building designs. Out of these crystal clear masterpieces, we’ve selected 17 of our favourite glass buildings to showcase some of the highlights of what architectural incredibility is all about in the 21st century. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

17. Basque Health Department Headquarters

 Basque Health Department Headquarters

At number 17 we have the headquarters of the Basque health department. The building is located in Bilbao, Spain. This astonishing piece of architecture was designed by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos. The building has a unique outlook that is created through the use of angular glass material.

16. The Shard

The Shard

The shard was designed by Renzo Piano, an award-winning Italian architect and is said to cost around £435 million. The building which is located in Southwark, London holds the record as the tallest building in the United Kingdom.

The shard, which was opened in 2013, is a 95-story glass skyscraper which stands at a staggering 1,016 feet (309.7 meters). This impressive structure houses over 30 different business organizations including a restaurant and a hotel.

15. The Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid

At number 15 is one of the most intriguing architectural structure and most popular tourist’s landmarks in all of France, the Louvre pyramid. Located just at the courtyard of Paris’ renowned Louvre art gallery, the Louvre pyramid is a four-sided triangular structure that is just absolutely stunning.

The building is made with only glass and steel and stands at a height of 71 ft. The iconic structure was designed by a Chinese architect, Leoh Ming Pei and was commissioned in 1984 by the then French president François Mitterrand. The Louver Pyramid is a wonderful piece of art that inspires.

14. The Aldar Headquarters

The Aldar Headquarters

The alder headquarters in Abu Dhabi is an office building that is completely circular in shape and was designed by MZ architects. In building this incredible piece, steel diagrids were implored for holding the circular shape. This huge and very beautiful glass building has been covered with glass panels, giving it the distinct adorn look it has.

13. The Sage

The Sage

Our next magnificent glass building is the centre for art performance, music education, and conferences, the Sage. The amazing structure is located in Gateshead, England and was designed by architects Foster and Partners. It’s a curved shaped building structure that was built using only glass and steel materials. Despite its enormous size, the building still looks Stunning.

12. The Dancing House

The Dancing House

The dancing house located in Prague, Czech Republic comes as our 12th magnificent glass building in the world. The glass structure which was designed by architect Vlado Milunic was intended to look like American dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The building is unlike any of Prague’s beautiful old architecture but stands out as a modern piece of art from the genius artist himself.

11. Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud

 Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud

This impressive looking glass building looks like a matrix cube with its blended bold colours and designs, but with lots of useable space within. Located in saint-cloud France, the sports and leisure centre is a glass building made for the youths of saint-cloud.

The building was designed by KOZ architects for the purpose of being used as a place of fun and space for different sporting activities with enabling facilities inside.

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