14 Amazing Game of Thrones Facts You Didn’t Know

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Finally, winter is here. After waiting nearly two long years for the season finale of one of HBO’ biggest and most popular show “Game of Throne”.

The first episode of the final season premiered on the 14th of April, and there’s been much excitement from fans all over the world. With a lot of your favourite characters dead and a lot loose ends to tie up, who will sit on the Iron Throne?
Here are some lesser-known Game of Thrones facts about the show that most people don’t know-

14. nude people drastically dropped in the seventh season

Game of Thrones Facts

There has been a lot of vocal response about the shows’ use of nudity and its sex scene right from the very first episode. But as the show progressed onwards, there have been fewer instances of nudity, especially in the seventh season, it was down to just six.

13. Over 10 countries are watched Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Facts

Many viewers of the show are familiar with a few locations in Northern Ireland and Croatia used in the show. But fans might not know that the HBO production has filmed in eight other countries: Republic of Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Iceland, United States, Canada, and Scotland.

Many of these locations used are real, with real-life castles. This is why the set on the show appears very realistic. A rear Game of Thrones Facts you didn’t know until now

12. Book fans know the series by another name

Game of Thrones Facts

Game of Thrones is one tv series that everyone with an internet-enabled device or any sense of pop culture must have heard about. And it is interesting to know that, not everyone who is familiar with the show knows that it is based on George R.R Martin’s popular fantasy book. But even those who know this for a fact, aren’t aware that Martin’s series isn’t called Game of Thrones.

Some popular characters in the show like Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark originated from the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, and only devotees of the book version know this as a game of throne fact.

11. It broke Emmy records

Game of Thrones Facts

Game of Thrones is one out of many fantasy series to have gotten a lot of accolades as the show so deserves. Over the years, fantasy series don’t always get due when it comes to accolades as they have been serially overlooked by the Oscar and Emmy voters, in favor of more mainstream series. But Game of Thrones is one show to break the mold, winning 12 Emmy awards in 2015 and another 12 in 2016, breaking an Emmy record for the show with the most awards received.

It didn’t stop there, as the show went on to add numerous creative arts Emmy awards, winning the coveted Outstanding Drama Series statue, as well as Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and a nod to Peter Dinklage for his supporting role as Tyrion Lannister.

10. It took months to perfect the Mother of Dragons’ hair

Game of Thrones Facts

In order to get it right, it took over two months and just over 12,000 wigs and hairpieces over the course of the eight seasons to get Daenerys’ vibrant blonde hair. This is because the directors and producers of the show wanted everything about the show to be done with precision and thought. And that includes the different hairstyles for each character. A rear Game of Thrones Facts you didn’t know until now

9. Over 1.4 million still photographs were taken on the set

Game of Thrones Facts

For those who don’t know what the role of still photographers are, they take photos on the set of every episode, which is often used in the press and for continuity.

It was recorded that Helen Sloan, “GOT”‘s designated unit still photographer took over 1.4 million photographs throughout the eight seasons on set. This does not include the number of selfies taken by the cast and have been posted to Instagram over the years of the show’s production.

8. The show’s viewership has more than tripled since its premiere

Game of Thrones Facts

Ever since the show first premiered in 2011, the number of viewership it has gained has since skyrocketed and is still growing. The number of people who watch “GOT” has more than tripled from 9.3 million to 32.8 million in 2018. With a few more millions rewatching the show from the very first season.

7. The show has an inordinate number of extras

Game of Thrones Facts

Since its premiere, the show has employed many extras throughout its eight seasons. In Northern Ireland alone, the show has employed nearly 13,000 extras over the course of the eight episodes, according to HBO. Meanwhile, for the behemoth production, a few thousand more crew members are required. A rear Game of Thrones Facts you didn’t know until now

6. Sansa Stark adopted her Dier wolf, Lady

Game of Thrones Facts

Sophie Turner adopted her dire wolf, lady and brought her home after the first season where King Joffrey had her wolf unnecessarily killed.

According to Sophie, who plays Sansa Stark in the series, told English newspaper Coventry Telegraph “Growing up I always wanted a dog, but my parents never wanted one,”. “We kind of fell in love with my character’s dire wolf, Lady, on set. She renamed the dog Zunni.

5. Parents have been naming their kids after Game of Thrones characters in the thousands


After watching the show, many parents have been naming their newborns’ after different characters in the show. Over 2,000 babies have been named Arya, almost 100 Tyrion’s and not surprising 241 Khaleesis since the show debuted in 2011, making it one rear Game of Thrones Facts you didn’t know until now

4. One actor really skinned a deer

Tywain Lannister
Tywain Lannister

When Charles Dance was first introduced to the audience as Tywain Lannister in the first season, he was seen skinning a deer. The scene was a bit uneasy to watch because for most of it he took a step further and actually did it.

According to executive producer and series co-creator D.B Weiss of the actual, told LA Times, “That was a real deer. It was purchased from someone who sells stags and Charles Dance learned on the day how to skin a deer. You never would have known. It seemed like he’d done it his whole life”.

3. The show has featured quite a few celebrity cameos

Ed Sheeran  on Game Of throne
Ed Sheeran on Game Of Throne

If you’ve seen every episode of the show, then you might recall Ed Sheeran singing in one of the episodes in the seventh season. Well, Ed is not only the familiar face you’ll notice on the show if you pay close enough attention.

Other notable names include Coldplay drummer Will Champion who played a drummer, and band Sigur Ros who played a musical group that performed at Joffrey’s wedding.

2. The sound of ice dragons is from drunk fans

ice dragons

ice dragons

Making dragon sounds is something quite unique and definitely not easy because you have never seen a dragon in real life, not to talk of knowing what they sound like. However, it turns out Sound Designer Paula Fairfield sure had a pretty creative way of doing that.

According to Fairfield, she met with a group of fans at Con of Thrones and asked them to record themselves screaming, which they did after a night of drinking. Their screams were used to create the specific scream for the ice dragon version. unbelievable? but it is one rear Game of Thrones Facts you didn’t know until now.

1. The final season of the show has a huge budget

Game of Thrones Facts
Image Credit: Entertainment Buddha

According to HBO, the budget for the final season of the show was apparently $90 million. Expected to be epic, every episode is reported to exhaust a $15 million dollar budget each, that is in soar comparison to the $2 million dollar budget in the second season.

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