Eric Weinstein Net Worth and Salary

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Eric Weinstein net worth: How did the mathematician and economist attain such status in life. Read on as we unveil Eric Weinstein’s earnings, net worth, investments and salary…

Who is Eric Weinstein?

Eric Weinstein Net Worth

Weinstein is the managing director of the San Francisco based investment firm Thiel Capital. He is also an economist, mathematician, investment analyst and writes on businesses and investments. Eric Weinstein currently has a net worth of $1 million.

Net worth $1 million
ProfessionEconomists, mathematician
Date of BirthOctober, 1965
Age 53
CitizenshipUnited States

Life and education

Weinstein was born in October 1965 in Los Angeles, California. A look at Weinstein’s educational background shows that at the age of 20, he had both a bachelor of science degree and a masters degree in mathematics which he obtained from the University of Pennsylvania.

Not distracted by his achievement, got his PhD in Mathematical Physics from Harvard University at the age of 27.

Weinstein has worked in different government and private sector establishments in areas that involve mathematics, economics and technology.

Eric Weinstein is the current managing director of Thiel Capital a firm that supervises the investments of Billionaire Peter Thiel.

Personal Life

Eric is of Jewish ancestry and grew up knowing the Jewish culture and language.

He is married to Pia Malaney which is his only known married. Eric has a younger brother by the name Bret Weinstein who is a biologist and was a  professor at Evergreen State College, Washington, DC.

Contributions to the field of Science

The Institute for New Economic Thinking through the influence of Eric Weinstein sponsored a program on geometric marginalism.

He also disproved the uniqueness of the self- dual Yang-Mills equations which is the building block of the Donaldson theory.

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Weinstein has postulated theories on how human problems can be solved through certain scientific processes but most of his postulations are yet to see the light of the day.

He is a pioneer of the intellectual black web a meeting point for academics and podcast hosts.

Currently, he hosts a podcast named The Portal where he discusses theoretical physics and also topics on genetic engineering and nuclear weapons.

Eric Weinstein Net Worth: How did he amass such wealth?

Eric Weinstein net worth is $1 million USD. A breakdown shows that he got most of his wealth from his career as a mathematician and an economist. Also as the MD of Thiel Capital is entitled to a salary.

He has over 200 thousand followers on Twitter which is an avenue he generates him money.

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