Edward Winter Net Worth, Career and Earnings

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Edward Winter net worth in 2019: What is will be Edward Winter’s net worth if he was alive today and how did he attain fame and success? Read on as we give you secrets about Edward Winter’s life, career, net worth and cause of death.

Who is Edward Winter?

Edward Winter net worth

Edward Winter is an American actor who passed on in 2001. He rose to prominence in the war comedy-drama series M.A.S.H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) where he played the role of Colonel Samuel Flagg.

He also starred in other series which include Project U.F.O. (1978–1979), Hollywood Beat (1985) and 9 to 5 (1986–1988). Winter is also a recipient of awards for his role as an actor.

Apart from television series, he has also starred in some movies which include as A Change of Seasons (1980), Porky’s II: The Next Day (1983), and The Buddy System (1984). Edward Winter net worth if he was alive today will be $8 million.

Net Worth $8 million
Profession Actor
Date of Birth June 3, 1937
Died March 8, 2001
Aged 63
Citizenship United States

Life and Career

Full name Edward Dean Winter was born on the 3rd of June 1937 in Ventura, California. Information about his parents, siblings, and education isn’t available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

He had his upbringing in California but moved to Ashland Oregon to pursue his acting career. Winter started out playing in dramas as he appeared in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and in Helmet where he took the role of Claudius.

He continued playing in dramas such as Cabaret (1967) and Promises, Promises (1969) which got him nominated twice for Tony Awards due to his outstanding performances.

He switched to television and appeared on The Secret Storm and Somerset. Winter had a breakthrough when he got the role of Col. Flagg in the war comedy-drama series M.A.S.H which ran for 11 years.

In the series M.A.S.H, he started out as Captain Halloran before playing the role of Col. Flagg an intelligence agent but most fans of the series tend to disagree that Captain Halloran was just an undercover name and not his initial character name.

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The series M.A.S.H turned out to be successful and even had a spin-off series AfterMASH in 1984 with Winter still playing as Col. Flagg.

He also acted an episode of TV series The A-Team in 1983 and also in an episode of the TV show Alice where he played as Jack.

Winter was a cast in an episode of the popular 90s series Seinfeld where he played as Robert’s Boss. He has also made appearances in the following The Outrage(1974), The Parallax View(1974), Special Delivery(1976), Project UFO(1979), and The Buddy System(1984).

Personal Life and Death

He got married to actress Linda Foster in 1980. Other information about his personal life is unknown as he kept a secret but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Edward winter net worth

Winter suffered from Parkinson’s disease and had some complications which led to his death in 2001 at the age of 63. His body was cremated and his ashes thrown into the Pacific Ocean. His wife is still much alive presently.

How did he amass such wealth?

Edward Winter net worth if alive today is $8 million this is as a result of his career earnings and his other works which included appearing in television commercials.

He starred in numerous movies that grossed millions of dollars of which he had a cut as a top actor. Information about his cars, houses, and investments are not available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

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