Eddie Nash Net Worth

Eddie Nash net worth in 2019: How did the brain behind the Wonderland murder attain such a net worth? Read on to find out impressive secrets behind Eddie Nash earnings and investment.

Eddie Nash Net Worth

Eddie Nash is reportedly the brain behind the wonderland murders which occurred in 1981. Also adding to his CV of crime, he was convicted for possession of drugs and also laundering of money.

He died in 2014 at the age of 85 but if he was to be alive today Eddie Nash net worth will be $133 million.

Net Worth $133 million
Source of Wealth Night clubs, restaurants, drugs
Date of Birth April 3, 1929
Date of Death August 9, 2014
Citizenship Palestine, United States

Early Life

Eddie Nash whose full name is Adel Gharib Nasrallah was born on April 3, 1929, in British Palestine.

His family was into the hotel business but Nash left for the United States in the 50s after the death of his brother and continuous violence in his home country. Upon his arrival to the US with almost nothing he was able to get a menial job which he did for almost ten years.

Towards the early 1960s, he decided to go into business and started selling dogs at Hollywood Boulevard.

His business blossomed as he went on to open various nightclubs and restaurants in Los Angeles. The club attracted various groups of people both in and out of the United States.

Wonderland murders

Nash is reported to be the brain behind the wonderland murders in 1981 which saw four persons lose their lives.

The murders were viewed as a payback for the attack on his house by a group of five guys.

It was reported that Nash planned the attack against John Holmes and the gang he worked with. Holmes is a pornography star who in the early 80s became a drug addict and incurred lots of debts.

In other to clear his debts, he engaged in some criminal activities with certain gang members known as the wonderland gang.

During one of their criminal activities, the home of Nash was been invaded and his valuables stolen. Later Holmes was seen with some of the valuables stolen which prompted Nash to suspect Holmes was part of the robbery.

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Nash reportedly sent two of his henchmen who killed all members of the wonderland gang but spared the life of Holmes to teach him a lesson.

The police reported the killings to be one of the most brutal they had ever seen. The police later invaded the home of Nash who was the chief suspect in the murder but could only discover cocaine which led to his eight-year prison sentence.

Nash spent only two years in prison as he was released due to deteriorating health but it was alleged that a judge was bribed with $100,000 to release him.

Some years after his release from prison,  he stood on trial for the wonderland murders but since there wasn’t any concrete evidence on him he was discharged and acquitted.

The federal agencies kept tracking each and every one of his activities and once invaded his house with the hope of finding drugs but could only find normal substances.

In 2000, fresh charges were issued against him which led to a four-year prison sentence with an option of $250,000 fine which he quickly paid. Nash died at the age of 85 as he suffered from emphysema and other illnesses.

Eddie Nash Net Worth: How he amassed such wealth?

Eddie Nash started with almost nothing but built an empire of nightclubs, restaurants and was a major drug dealer.

Apart from that, he spent lots on money in the production of pornography movies which he loved. It could be said that it was his love for pornography that led him to become friends with John Holmes.

Eddie Nash Net Worth as of 2019 is placed at $133 million.

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