Darrell Sheets Net Worth and Salary

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Darrell Sheets Net Worth: What is Darrell Sheets’s Net Worth and Salary in 2019 and how did the reality TV star acquire his huge fortune? Today, you will learn about Darrell Sheets net worth and other things you may not know about Darrell Sheets.

Who is Darrell Sheets?


Nowadays, it’s interesting and fascinating how reality TV shows have changed the lives of ordinary people into famous stars.

A person of example is Darrell Sheets, a famous American reality TV star and storage auction veteran. He is well-known for appearing on the TV series ‘Storage Wars‘.

Net Worth$4.5 Million
Profession American reality TV star and storage auction veteran
Date of Birth13th of May 1958

The series follows an eclectic group of professional buyers as they bid to acquire old abandoned storage lockers in public auctions.

Their aim is to hopefully find buried treasures in these old storage lockers which they can resell at a profit. Since the show debuted in 2010, Sheets have played a key and instrumental role in the show’s success.

Early Life and Career

Darrell Sheets was born on the 13th of May 1958 in San Diego, California. Sheets entered into the storage auction business in his 30s.

So, what exactly is the storage auction business? In California, there is a law that allows storage locker owners to auction the storage facility for cash fees if the person(s) occupying the locker does not pay rent on his storage locker for up to three months.

But, on the other hand, prospective buyers are not allowed entrance into the locker or touch the items. Rather, they are allowed only five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway.

Now here’s the catch; if the buyers proceed on blind faith to buy the storage locker, whatever item(s) of value they unearth could become theirs and cover their expense plus profit in some cases.

Darrell has enjoyed his own share of the business since joining in 2010. He has unearthed various treasure which includes four paintings by the famous artist Picasso.

He’s also found a letter handwritten by one of America’s most famous presidents, Abraham Lincoln. Sheets handles his own operation in a small and efficient base with low volume, no overhead, and high value.

Sheets doesn’t collect or keep the items he finds, he sells them online or at flea markets.

Net Worth – How Rich is Darrell Sheets?

As of 2019, Darrell Sheets has a net worth of $4.5 million. He earned most of his fortune from his business as well as his earnings from the reality TV series, Storage Wars.

The show is about a group of professional storage hunters who battle each other for valuable lockers. Storage Wars debuted in 2010 and Sheets holds the record for the largest profit made in the show.

For example, in the third season of the show, Sheets purchased a locker that contained original art pieces by famous Mexican artist/illustrator Frank Gutiérrez.

The works were later valued at a cool $300,000. Currently, the show has become one of the most popular reality TV shows, and like most popular TV shows, Storage Wars has also endured some controversies.


Although the show Storage Wars has enjoyed admirable success since its inception in 2010, it has also gone through public scrutiny and endured a series of controversies as well.

One of its biggest cases was in 2012 when one of the show’s biggest stars, Dave Hester, sued the producers of the show for the wrongful termination of his contract.

He claimed that the company indulged in sharp practices such as planting items of value in the so-called abandoned lockers.

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He also claimed he got fired from the show for voicing his concerns over the legality of the company’s actions.

However, all allegations and disparities were settled in 2012 and Hester returned to the show.

Personal Life

Sheets’ personal life is quite interesting to know about. The reality TV star was previously married to his first wife with whom he had two kids.

After their divorce, Sheets was seen romantically involved with a lady named Kimber Wuerfel. In 2012, they got engaged and Sheets even adopted her kids.

Despite their struggle to keep things together as a blended family, the couple couldn’t make it to the altar before splitting in 2016.

Shortly after their separation, Sheets began dating Romney Snyder. The two got engages in 2016 but are yet to be married.

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