Chester Bennington Net Worth and Salary

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Chester Bennington net worth in 2019. how did Bennington become so famous and wealthy in the entertainment industry? Read on to find out the impressive secrets behind Chester Bennington’s salary, earnings, investment, and success story.

Chester Bennington Net Worth

Chester Charles Bennington was an American singer famous as the lead vocalist of Linkin Park. He is renowned for his powerful screams, aggressive singing, and melodic singing. He had also made several cameo appearances in movies and is highly considered as one of the top rock musicians of the 2000s. Chester Bennington had a net worth estimated at $30 million before his death in 2017.

Net Worth $30 million
Professionsongwriter, musician, and actor
Date Of Birth March 20, 1967
NationalityUnited State of America
Died 20 July 2017

Early Life

Chester Charles Bennington was born on March 20, 1967, in Phoenix. He had three siblings, his brother Brian, and two-sisters. His dad was a police officer while his mum a nurse. Sadly, his parents divorced when he was 11-years-old

He started showing interest in music at a very early age, drawing inspiration from the bands Depeche Modes and Stone Temple Pilots (which he later became their lead singer). When he was 7, Bennington was a victim of sexual abuse from an older male friend. As a child, he was scared to report the abuser to his parents or ask for help because he thought people would think he was lying or was turning gay. So the abuse continued till he later opened up about his abuse as a child to his father years later, revealing the identity of the abuser but chose not to press charges after he realized the abuser was also a victim of the same abuse.

When he was 11, his parents divorced. The effect of the divorce and the trauma from his sexual abuse had strong effect on him, which at that time, gave him a homicidal feeling and thought for people around him. His father had to take custody of him after the divorce. Soon after, Bennington plunged into alcohol and drugs addiction.

When he got to 17, he moved in with his mother. When his mother discovered his drug addiction, she banned him from leaving the house. Soon after, Bennington worked at a Burger King restaurant before landing into his musical career.


Charles Bennington began his musical career in 1992 as a vocalist with a band called Sean Dowdell and His Friends. The band did a few eponymous cassettes in 1993. Then after which Bennington and Dowdell formed a new band called Grey Daze. The band recorded three studio albums before Chester left in 1998 but struggled to find another one.

The absence of opportunity left Bennington frustrated and almost at the point of giving up on his music dream before he was met by Jeff Blue who offered him an opportunity to audition with the future members of Linkin Park.

His audition went successful and he joined Linkin Park (who were known as Xero then). After signing a recording deal with Warner Bros. Records, Linkin Park released their debut album titled, Hybrid Theory on October 24, Bennington starred as Linkin Park’s lead vocalist but often shared the position with Shinoda. In 2005, Bennington co-founded the musical group ‘Dead by Sunrise‘ and they made their debut performance in 2008 as they performed 4 songs at the 13th Anniversary for Club Tattoo in Tempe, Arizona. A year later, the band released their debut album titled ‘Out of Ashes’ which released in 2009.

Chester Bennington

Bennington was recruited in 2013 as a replacement for Scott Weiland, the long-time lead vocalist for the musical group ‘Stone Temple Pilot’. He stated in an interview reflecting his desire to joining the band saying, “Every the band has its own kind of vibe. Stone Temple Pilots has this sexier, more classic rock feels to it. Linkin Park is a very modern, very tech-heavy type of band. I grew up listening to these guys. When this opportunity came up, it was just like a no-brainer.” Bennington and Stone Temple Pilot part ways in 2015 due to his commitment to Linkin Park.

Personal Life

Bennington had an abusive childhood experience haven been sexually assaulted many times by an older male when he was 7 until his 11th year. He was once a drug addict and alcohol abuser. But through the intervention of his bandmates, Bennington was able to overcome the addiction, after his declaration in an interview stating that, “I don’t want to be that person anymore”. He is married twice and has six kids. His first marriage was on October 31, 1996, to Samantha Marie Olit.

They had one child but the couple soon divorced due to the decline in their relationship during Bennington’s early years with Linkin Park. He married his second wife Talinda Ann Bentley, a former playboy model in 2006. He’s had three kids with her namely: Tyler Lee Bennington (born March 16, 2006) and twins Lilly and Lila (born November 6, 2011). Aside from his music, Bennington is also a tattoo enthusiast as well and a huge fan of the Phoenix Suns too.

Chester Bennington

How Did He Amass So Much Wealth

Majority of his fortune came from his music and time with Linkin Park. The band enjoyed huge success after the release of their debut album, Hybrid Theory in 2000, which produced massive commercial success and also being certified Diamond by the RIAA in 2005, becoming the best-selling debut album of the decade. Also, thanks to huge record sales of the band(more than 70 million albums sold worldwide) and becoming one of the highest-selling musical groups worldwide, Charles Bennington’s fortune grew even bigger. Before his death, singer Chester Bennington had a net worth of $30 million.

Here is a list of Bennington’s band Linkin Band’s aided earnings from live albums and remixes too

  • Remix album Reanimation (2002)- $2.345 million
  • Live album Live in Texas (2003)- $1.875 million
  • The Live album Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes(2008)- $510,000
  • Live album A Thousand Suns (2011)- $10,000
  • Remix album Recharged (2013)- $100,000
  • Live album Living Things (2013)- $30,000
  • The live album The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico (2014)- $170,000

Chester Charles Bennington Awards

  • Before he passed away, Charles Bennington won the following awards
  • Favourite International Group;
  • American Music Awards Award by Favorite Alternative Artist;
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Award for Best Rock Artist;
  • American Music Awards Award by Favorite Alternative Artist.

Cause of Death

Chester Charles Bennington died on the 20th of July, 2017. He was found dead at the early hours of 9 at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. He was reported to have committed suicide by hanging. Although there was no suicide note found at the scene of the tragedy, his death is believed to have been caused compounded trauma which includes his childhood experience of abuse, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the suicidal death of his best friend Chris Cornell on May 2017.

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