Cerys Matthews Net Worth and Salary

Cerys Mathews Net Worth: How much is Cerys Mathews’s net worth and how did the singer acquire her wealth? Today, we unveil the real truth behind Cerys Mathews net worth and how she became so wealthy, her career, and bio

Who is Cerys Mathews?

Cerys Mathews is a Welsh singer, songwriter, author, and broadcaster who is also a member of the Welsh rock band, Catatonia.

She is also a prominent figure in the ‘Cool Cymru’ movement in the late ’90s. Mathews has reached the pinnacles she’d plan to reach and have acquired a huge amount of fortune as well.

Read on to find out what Cerys Matthew’s net worth is and how he acquired such a great deal of wealth.

Net Worth $15 million
Profession singer, songwriter, author, and broadcaster
Date of Birth 11 April 1969
Nationality Welsh

Cerys Mathews Bio

Cerys Elizabeth Matthews MBE was born on 11 April 1969 in Cardiff. She is the second of four children of her parents. When Mathews was 7, her parents relocated to Swansea.

She attended Bryn Y Mor Welsh language school till she was 11 and after, she went to St. Michael’s School, Llanelli. During that time, Mathews was a class below the current Solicitor General for England and Wales, Robert Buckland.

After a while, Mathews moved to the Pembrokeshire village of Trefin where she attended Ysgol Bro Gwaun comprehensive school.

Mathews is fluent in English, French, Welsh, and Spanish. Mathews cited the likes of Pippi Longstocking and writers William Butler Yeats and Dylan Thomas as her childhood heroes.

Her passion for music came in early as she began to play the guitar at just 9 years of age. As well as, singing Welsh folk songs and taught herself traditional songs from all over the globe.

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She was a member of the Glamorgan Youth Orchestra.

Mathews has been a host to programs and music shows on BBC Radio 6 Music. She has also done documentaries for some TV programs as well as BBC Radio 2 and 4.

As a writer, Mathews has written for The Guardian, The Times and Grazia, and authored the book – ‘Hook, Line and Singer ‘ published by Penguin and children’s stories Tales From The Deep and Gelert, A Man’s Best Friend, (2014).

Personal Life

Cerys Mathews has been married twice, divorced once. She married her first husband, Eth Riddle in 2003. After their separation, she married her second husband, Steve Scott in 2011.

The couple now has three kids together and currently lives in West London.

Cerys Mathews Net Worth: How Did Cerys Mathews Acquire Her Wealth?

As of today, Cerys Mathews has a net worth of $15 million. Her main source of wealth comes from being a rock singer.

She’s earned big from live performances, sales of albums, and tours

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