Captivating Photos of Dogs And Their Owners Put Side by Side

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These captivating photos of Dogs and their own strikes a huge resemblance.

An Instagram Photographer shared the below photos and people couldn’t take their eyes away.

Gerrard Gethings has a love for animals and that gave him the inspiration to shot the portraits of the dogs and their owners, and compared them side by side.

These portraits photos are awesome and hilarious.

1. Harlotte & Caspar (Chinese Crested)

harlotte & Caspar (Chinese Crested)

2. Monica & Reggie (Chow Chow)

Monica & Reggie (Chow Chow)

3. Elle And Yasmin Le Bon (Puli)

Elle And Yasmin Le Bon (Puli)

4. Harry & Hattie (Italian Spinone)

Harry & Hattie (Italian Spinone)

5. Cenk & Horst (Schnauzer)

Cenk & Horst (Schnauzer)

6. Henry & Hope (Afghan Hound)

Henry & Hope (Afghan Hound)

7. Jessica & Buddy (Bishon Frise)

Jessica & Buddy (Bishon Frise)

8. Sergei & Spike (Siberian Husky)

Sergei & Spike (Siberian Husky)

9. François & Antoine (French Bulldog)

François & Antoine (French Bulldog)

10. Benji & Harper (Schnoodle)

Benji & Harper (Schnoodle)

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