Blog About Beauty: 17 Beauty Blogs Every Lady Must Follow

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Here are blogs about beauty every woman need to follow. These Beauty Blogs we are about to outline, are the best beauty blogs.

Most of these beauty blogs will improve your beauty skill from make-up, skin care and many more. Check out these 17 Beauty Blogs Every Lady Must Follow.

Best Beauty Blogs for Women

17. The

Blog About Beauty

The blog is owned by a U.K-based online content creator and author of the organization manual ‘An Edited Life’, Anna Newton. Anna has an incredible knowledge of skincare. You can check out her recent glowy skin recipe post here.

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She’s always happy to share all her amazing secrets on her website and youtube channel. You can follow her on Instagram via @theannaedit and her website The


Blog About Beauty

There are a number of good reasons why you need to follow Katie Jane Hughes’s blog. Whether it’s for the most gorgeous eye makeup tutorials ever seen or a blow-by-blow account fo getting microblading on her Insta stories.

Katie’s blog will keep you hooked on the latest makeup trends and all. Follow her on Instagram @katiejanehughes and on her website @


Blog About Beauty

The website was created by two friends, Em and Lou, who enjoy sharing fashion finds, styles of inspiration and lifestyle. They are great fashionistas who know exactly what you need in your wardrobe.

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Whether it be a recently discovered fashion trend or that great-smelling candle or your perfect lipstick, they are the ladies who will help you find true classics. Be sure to follow on Instagram via astylealbum and on their blog


Blog About Beauty

Why you need to follow Tia Ward’s blog is plainly simple, because you would need where to get the best and most awesome beauty tips as well as a slice of advice on the side. Simply follow @misstpw on Instagram, @tiawardTV on Youtube, and on her website.


Blog About Beauty

Patricia Bright’s page is a must-follow if you are looking for the best super-glam beauty ideas. You can also follow her Youtube channel to get up-to-date beauty tips videos and detailed posts on how to get dolled up including all the rated products by her. Where to follow are Instagram @thepatriciabright, YouTube, and on her website,

12. Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley's Wardrobe

Follow @shirleybeniang and Shirley’ if you’re in need of some of the greatest and incredible beauty tricks and tips online. The blog is owned by London-based Shirley B. Eniang who appears to be all about fashion. From wedding guest beauty ideas to the ideal nude face, Shirley will keep you hooked.

11. Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog

Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog

Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog is a wonderful and amazing website to visit for some of the best beauty advice and tips there is. It is created and owned by English YouTuber and Beauty expert Tanya Burr, who is ever willing to showcase all her beauty knowledge and baking tips as well online.

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She gives comprehensive and detailed instructions on how to create a certain look and some great makeup tips. You can follow her on Instagram @tanyaburr and on her website

10. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager is a YouTuber and very popular make-up artist and vlogger. She’s recently declared war with her powerful reply to makeup shamers. Subscribe to her YouTube channel Nikkie Tutorials for the best and stunning makeup lessons.

She’s a makeup guru who uses makeup as a grand tool of transformation of beauty and teaches you how to do so yourself. Her secret aspiration? To be the next Pat McGrath. You can also follow her on Instagram @nikkietutorials and her website

9. Maskcara


Incredibly creative how Cara’s ability to teach her viewers beauty at its natural best makes her blog truly special. I implore you to follow her on all her social media platforms if you are really enthusiastic to learn. Because she does world-class videos that display before-and-after her tutorials. Follow her on her website , Instagram at maskcara and>maskcara.

8. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

Minute Beauty Fanatic

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic is a blog site about quick tips and tricks to help you grab that incredibly gorgeous look in just 15 minutes. Created by Christine, who is also a doctor and mother, the site is perfect for all those ladies with busy schedules out there who have trouble getting dressed in peace.

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You are sure going to love this page because Christine makes the overwhelming world of makeup seem very easy and realistic. Follow her on Twitter @15minbeauty and on Facebook. Her website is Check her out.

7. The Raeviewer

The Raeviewer

The is a blog about luxury and high-end cosmetics that gives you a detailed analysis of every beauty product available in the market. The blogger Rae also shares tutorials on the latest beauty fads. Interesting to know, if you visit the blog, you will get to know the best and also the worst of the beauty industry.

Follow now on Instagram @raeview and Facebook, and on her website

6. Zoe London

Zoe London

While we love checking out Bleach London’s Insta feed for some hair-color ideas, there is also Zoe London, who often changes hers up, particularly with bold and bright hues. And if you’re worried about how much dye is affecting your strands, fear not—she even has a great tip for how to fix that. So, follow her now on Instagram @zoelondondj, and via her website.


Sought of odd the name of this blog, but that’s kinda the idea, right? Its approach to beauty is anything but its moniker. The contemporary blog is packed with bold, bright and breathtaking images, peaching the ideal place for your personal dose of inspiration when you’re tired of your old makeup routine and seek to try out something different. Follow on Instagram @beautyisboring_, and on the website

4. Rebecca Fearn

Rebecca Fearn

London-based Beauty journalist, Rebecca Fearn is a beauty writer, make-up addict and fragrance enthusiast by trade who has a lot of year’s experience as a beauty insider.

Why you need to follow her blog and socials is because she shares her industry knowledge, tips and reviews, as well as the, can’t-live-without products that you’ll love too on #BDoesBeauty. She also writes about all things make-up, hair, and skincare, as well as social issues and current affairs from time to time. Follow @beautyandtheb on Instagram, @BFearn25 on Twitter, and her website,

3. Madeleine Loves

Madeleine Loves

Madeline’s blog is about giving you the latest on different beauty tips, and tricks from product reviews, book recommendations, fashion titbits, travel suggestions and video tutorials that you’d love.

The beauty obsessive Madeleine has created a one-stop-shop with her newly redesigned Madeleine Loves website. She’s available on socials, @madeleinelovesthis, @MadsLovesThis, and on her blog

2. The Beauty of It Is

The Beauty of It Is

If you have trouble finding the best descent beauty products while trying to avoid the toxic ones, I’ll recommend you allowKatey Denno of The Beauty of It Is to be your guide. She’s an incredible makeup artiste who often updates her Insta feed with great “green” product reviews. Find her via Instagram @kateydenno and her website,

1. Wendy Rowe

Wendy Rowe

Wendy Rowe is the makeup artist for one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world, Burberry. Her blog is very much about how to make those incredible makeup looks she does for the likes of Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham easy for you to try.

Her tutorials on her blog offer you great opportunities and the know-how to do them at home. Where to follow? Join her on her socials @wendyrowe on Instagram, Twitter @wendyrowemakeup, and


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