17 Simple Designs for Nails: Pics + Easy Tutorials

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What are the best Simple Designs for Nails? Here are some Pictures and easy tutorial.

Today’s article will be showing you some of the simplest of nail designs you can get done for yourself at the comfort of your home. So, just in case you are new to nail art, you can still get these beautiful designs done with the help of the right tools and these tutorials, you’ll be all proved-up in no time. No skills needed, just your hands.

Cool nails art always gains attention and compliments as they are eye-catchy. They are an extension of what you wear, besides, who doesn’t love a good taste of glamour on their fingers? Have you been bored with your normal classics, monotone nail colour and are looking to try out something new and fun? Read on and you may just find the perfect simple designs for nails for whatever mood you are in.

So, with just a few steps and instructions, you can achieve these simple designs for nails and patterns from the comfort of your home. So, let’s go!

Simple Designs for Nails

17. Pearly White Design for Short Nails

Simple Designs for Nails

First on our list of simple designs for your nails is the Pearly White Design for Short Nails. It’s a simple nail design that uses your nail’s natural color, so you do not have to worry about different nail polish. This style of nail design is short but elegant.

You can choose to use a gleaming pearl white nail polish or a Metallic White Nail Polish. But, whichever you prefer the most to use, this nail design remains the 17th best and simple designs for nails See how to get this design is done here

16. Ombre Neon Nails

Next up at number 16th position as the simplest nail design for you is the Ombre Neon Nails design. This simple nail design is for newbies, those that aren’t too keen on nail designs. But, whether you’re new to nail designs or not, this is one design you should definitely try out! Your startup gear – a little tape, two neon polishes, and a sponge, voila! You’re good to go!

15. Blue And Orange Flames Nail Art

On the 15th position is another easy and simple nail design for you, the Blue and Orange Flame Nail Art Design. Other colour combination can also be used to make this summer nail design look even fresher. Just follow up on the tutorials and you’ll be rocking this design in no time!

14. Easy Daisy Nail Art

Easy Daisy Nail Art

Daisies are best for summers. The flowery design can be found on almost every surface when you visit the beach; on shorts, shirts, surfboards, etc. All you are required is a dotting tool.

13. Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial

Rainbow is typical for the spring season that’s upon us. This nail design will look very beautiful and inspiring on your fingers as you wear it with you wherever you go. Just follow the instructions for rainbow nail art and feel free to experiment with colours!

12. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

The colour combination of pink and white on these simple designs for nails is delightful and will give your nails the ideal spring look. It’s a simple yet classy design and can be recreated in just a few steps. You can wear it on those boring days or even on a sunny summer day.

11. Color Splash Nail Art

Color Splash Nail Art

By far one of the best designs for your nails, all you need is a white nail polish, an angled nail art brush, blue, pink, and purple nail polish to rock this design.

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Your nail will be used as a blank canvas, with you splashing some colours on it for that cool effect, giving you that artsy feel. You can also choose any other colour combination of your choice. Here’s how to get started

10. Colourful Clouds Nail Art

Colorful Clouds Nail Art

This design is everything to love From its colour, to how easy it is to do, and how bright it is, the colourful clouds nail art is just so beautiful. First, we focus our attention on the ring fingernail, then we move to the rest with a minimal aqua green-blue coat of nail polish.

This design is perfect for spring and summer. Your nail design starter pack includes an aqua green-blue nail polish, pink nail polish, light blue nail polish, and a brush.

9. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yell

Diagon-Alley Pink And Yell

This trendy, vibrant, and young looking colourful nail art is a treat for the eyes. It can brighten up your outfit and day too and is even easier to pull off. All you need to get started is a purple-pink nail polish, yellow nail polish, peach nail polish, nail art strips, top coats, and a tutorial video so you know how to go about it.

8. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

The blended colour of light blue and gold is just magnificent. This nail design would be a good fit for a fancy event to go with your gold outfit or just as casual wear. We’re using plastic wrap to get that unique texture on the nail. Learn more on how to get it done here

7. White Minimal Chevron Nail Art

White Minimal Chevron Nail Art

This design is uber classy and easy to remake. It’s all white, and you know what all that does, right? It automatically takes exclusive to another level. You just need white nail polish, thin nail strips, and a clear polish. See videos for more

6. Striped Aztec Simple Nail Design

Striped Aztec Simple Nail Design

With a few simple steps to follow via the video, this complex looking simple designs for nails will be made easier for you to get done at your own comfort. And is one of the prettiest designs ever. Plus, the colour combination used here is something to love.

5. Gold Glitter Simple Nail Art Design

simple designs for nails

If you are looking for something a little extra, you can pick on this fancy nail design. And it’s also super quick and easy. All you need is a pink nail polish, black nail polish, a thin brush, and a dotting tool to get started. Watch tutorial videos for more

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4. Smokey Grey Nail Art

Smokey Grey Nail Art

With a clear polish, a dark smokey grey nail polish, a glitter, and a brush, your result will be a dark and beautiful nail design you need to try. Watch the video for more

3. Four-Leaf Clover Nails

Four-Leaf Clover Nails

This four-leaf clover inspired nail art design is super simple to recreate. The mixed blend of pale yellow and green makes an incredible combo. The four-leaf clover signifies good luck, one more reason to try out this design. Don’t you agree? Watch the video to know how to go about it.

2. Two-Toned Blue Nail Art

The two-toned blue nail art design will leave you with a very fresh and classy look and is really simple to recreate as well. You can use any two colors that you like to achieve this look and glam up your nails in a flash!
For your starter-pack, what you need is a light blue nail polish, a Dark blue shimmer polish, and nail strips. Learn more from the video here

1. Pink Gradient Mani Tutorial

This is probably the easiest tutorial in our collection and it’s just perfect for all those girls that don’t have great nail design skills. All that is required of you to achieve the pink gradient manicure is to simply colour your nails in various shades of pink. The end result is wonderful spring-ready nails! Learn more from the video on how to get this done

Which of these “Simple Designs for Nails” would you try out first?


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