Top 17 Richest People in Africa: African Wealthiest Men & Women

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Who are the richest people in Africa? Today we will be looking at the richest people in Africa 2019. We have ranked these Black Billionaires of the African continent according to their net worth. Follow us and see how much these people are worth.

Africa is a continent blessed with so many rich natural resources, and human resources too, with the capability to harness the available natural resource. Although Africa appears to be backward in terms of technological advancement, the continent is improving every day, and the growing possibility that one day, Africa would be the centre of the world when it comes to tech advancement is waxing strong.

Over the years, we have witnessed different African men and women moved up and down the wealth chart. So today, we have made a compelling list of 15 of the Richest People of Africa 2019. Want to know who they are? Number one has managed to maintain his position for the past 5 years and counting. Is there anyone who can beat him to take the top spot? We will get to find out in years to come

17 Richest People in Africa

17. Yasseen Mansour

Net Worth: $1.5 B
Origin of Wealth: Diversified

Yasseen Mansour, Richest People in Africa
Yasseen Mansour | Image Credit: Springers24

Yasseen Mansour is an Egyptian billionaire businessman, part owner of the Mansour Group. Mansour Group is the exclusive distributor of GM vehicles and Caterpillar equipment in Egypt and several other countries. He is also one of the Top shareholders in Palm Hil Developments.

He is joined by his two other billionaire brothers, Youssef, and Mohamed, as stakeholders in the company, which has the sole right to General Motors dealership in Egypt and Iraq, as well as supermarkets, and all McDonald’s Resturants in Egypt. [Also, Read: 15 Most Isolated Places In The World]

16. Abdul Samad Rabiu

Net Worth: $1.6 B
Origin of Wealth: Cement, Sugar

 Abdul Samad Rabiu , Richest People in Africa
Abdul Samad Rabiu is the 16th Richest People in Africa | Image Credit: Leadership Newspaper

Abdul Samad Rabiu is a Nigerian Businessman, and the son of late Khalifah Isyaku Rabiu, one of Nigeria’s foremost industrialists in the 1970s and 1980s. Abdul Samad, currently the chairman of Nigerian Bank of Industry (BOI), is the founder and chairman of BUA Group, a Nigerian conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, infrastructure, and agriculture with revenue in excess of $2.5 billion. According to Forbe’s, the Nigerian Business Tycoon Gained $650 Million After Cement Firm Merger in January 2019, with publicly traded Cement Company of Nigeria (CCNN), where he was the controlling shareholder.

15. Othman Benjelloun

Net Worth: $1.7 B
Origin of Wealth: Banking, Insurance

Othman Benjelloun, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Othman Benjelloun | Image Credit: Lavieeco

Othman Benjalloun is a Morrocan businessman and the CEO of Bank Morrocaine Du Commerce Exterieur or BMCE for short. The BMCE is one of the largest banks in Morocco and operates in 20 other African countries. The 86 year-old has also announced his plans to build a rocket-shaped tower that is more than 30 stories high as the new BMCE HQ(Headquarters).

14. Mohammed Dewji

Net Worth: $1.9 B
Origin of Wealth: diversified

Mohammed Dewji, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Mohammed Dewji | Image Credit: Uncova

Mohammed Dewji is a vibrant Tanzanian Business Tycoon. He is the owner of METL (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited), a company that has business operations that span across transportation, agriculture, textile making, and real estate and operates in more than six countries across Eastern, Southern, and Central Africa.

Surprisingly, Mohammed is the only billionaire his country, Tanzania can boast of. The young entrepreneur has expressed his plans of expansion of his business to more countries, in addition to building the revenue base of the company to $5 billion and employing about 100,000 people across Africa by 2020.

13. Aziz Akhannouch

Net Worth: $2.1 B
Origin of Wealth: Petroleum, Diversified

Aziz Akhannouch, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Aziz Akhannouch | Image Credit:

Aziz Akhannouch is a Chleuh-Berber Moroccan businessman and current Minister of Agriculture in Abdelilah Benkirane’s cabinet since 2007. He has Majority Ownership at Awka Group, a multi-billion dollar Moroccan conglomerate that specializes in Petroleum exploration, gas and chemicals through its publicly traded subsidiaries Afriquia Gas and Maghreb Oxygen. The company also manages several other businesses pertaining to hotels, real estate, and media.

12. Patrice Motsepe

Net Worth: $2.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Mining

Patrice Motsepe, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Patrice Motsepe

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe is a South African mining businessman and billionaire. He is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM), which has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum. [Also, Read: 20 Netflix Original Movies You Need To Watch]

He is also the first and only South Africa’s black billionaire. Through his company ARM, he owns shares in Harmony Gold. Aside from his dignified business involvement, he also picks interests in sport and has drawn his investment attention to becoming the owner and caretaker of the Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

11. Strive Masiyiwa

Net Worth: $2.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Telecom

 Strive Masiyiwa, African Wealthiest Men & Women

Strive Masiyiwa is a London-based Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder and executive chairman of diversified international Telecommunications, Media and Technology group Econet Wireless. Econet Wireless is currently the second-largest company in Zimbabwe by market capitalization. in 2019, He is estimated to be worth $2.3 billion dollars, according to Forbe’s. [Also, Read: 25 Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire]

10. Mohamed Mansour

Net Worth: $2.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Diversified

Mohamed Mansour
Mohamed Mansour

Mohamed Mansour is an Egyptian businessman and former politician. He is the chairman of Mansour Group, a US$6 billion conglomerate that is the second largest company in Egypt by revenue. In November 2016, Forbes estimated his wealth at $4.1B. His company, which is now expanding rapidly outside of Egypt operates internationally across several other industrial sectors which includes automotive, capital markets, consumer and retail, industrial equipment and services. [Also, Read: 17 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery]

9. Isabel dos Santos

Net Worth: $2.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Investments

Isabel dos Santos, African Wealthiest Men & Women
African Wealthiest Men & Women

The first female billionaires on our list, Isabel Dos Santos is worth $22.3 billion according to Forbes and is ranked 9th on the list of Richest Africans. Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman, Africa’s richest woman and the eldest child of Angola’s former President José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled the country from 1979 to 2017. She became Africa’s first female Billionaire in 2013, according to research by Forbes, her net worth had crossed over $2 billion. Isabel acquired her wealth by taking stakes in companies doing businesses in Angola.  [Also Read: 16 Most Richest Drug Dealers of all Time]

8. Koos Bekker

Net Worth: $2.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Media, Investments

Isabel dos Santos, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Isabel dos Santos | Image Credit:

Jacobus Petrus “Koos” Bekker is the chairman of emerging markets media group Naspers. The company operates in 130 countries, and is listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, and has the largest market capitalization of any media company outside the US and China. Koos Beker led the team who found M-Net in 1985, which resulted to present day pay-TV services across a total of 48 African countries. [Also, Read: 12 Most Healthiest Fruits You Should Consider Having Everyday]

7. Naguib Sawiris

Net Worth: $2.9 B
Origin of Wealth: Telecom

Naguib Sawiris, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Naguib Sawiris

Another Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Onsi Sawiris is an Egyptian billionaire businessman. Sawiris is chairman of Weather Investments’s parent company and chairman of Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding S.A.E. He is the eldest son of Egyptian billionaire Onsi Sawiris who established Orascom. Orascom is currently Egypt’s largest private sector employer, plus it is the most capitalized company on the Cairo and Alexandria’s stock exchange. Naguib Sawiris is Egypt’s second richest man and has been a strong opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood since joining politics in 2011. [Also. Read 10 World most expensive fidget spinner]

6. Issad Rebrab

Net Worth: $3.7 B
Origin of Wealth: Food

Issad Rebrab,Richest People in Africa
Issad Rebrab

Issad Rebrab, is an Algerian billionaire businessman, CEO of the Cevital industrial group, the largest private company in Algeria. The company is prominent for being in control of the world’s biggest sugar refineries. Aside from sugar refining, Cevital is also active in steel, food, agribusiness and electronics. Issad Rebrab is also the exclusive distributor for Hyundai, Europcar, and Samsung in Algeria. [Also, Read: The 11 Richest Countries In Africa By Economy]

5. Johann Rupert

Net Worth: $5.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Luxury Goods

Johann Rupert, Richest People in Africa
Johann Rupert

Johann Peter Rupert is a South African-born entrepreneur and the third 5th richest people in Africa according to latest Forbes ranking 2019. He is the eldest son of business tycoon Anton Rupert and his wife Huberte. Johann Rupert is the chairman of the Swiss-based luxury-goods company Richemont and the South Africa-based company Remgro. He is also the Chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch. He is a passionate golfer and owns two of South Africa’s best-known Vineyards. Johann Rupert also has the highest amount of shares in Africa’s supermarket chain and retail outlet, Shoprite. [Also, Read: Top 20 Most Beautiful Places in the World – You have to Visit]

4. Nassef Sawiris

Net Worth: $6.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Construction, Chemicals

Nassef Sawiris, Richest People in Africa
Nassef Sawiris

And again, another Egyptian business giant from the Sawiris family. Nassef Onsi Sawiris is an Egyptian billionaire businessman, the youngest of Onsi Sawiris’ three sons. He is into construction and has major stakes in cement company, Lafarge. Nassef Sawiris directed the construction activities of Orascom since 1990. The Egyptian Billionaire was also a board member of NASDAQ Dubai from 2008 to 2010. He is currently on the board of Besix (Belgium) and NNS Holding (Luxemburg). [Also, Read: 25 Hardest Riddles That Will Leave You Speechless (With Answers)]

3. Nicky Oppenheimer

Net Worth: $7.3 B
Origin of Wealth: Diamonds

Nicky Oppenheimer, Richest People in Africa
Nicky Oppenheimer is the 3rd Richest People in Africa

Nicholas F. Oppenheimer is a South African billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He was formerly the chairman of De Beers diamond mining company and of its subsidiary, the Diamond Trading Company, and former deputy chairman of Anglo American. He is the third richest African. Besides making a lot of money from his business, Nicky Oppenheimer picks interests in flying Helicopter, watching cricket, conservation. He owns the largest private game reserve in South Africa, the Tswalu Kahalari Reserve.

2. Mike Adenuga

Net Worth: $9.2 B
Origin of Wealth: Telecom, Oil

Mike Adenuga
Mike Adenuga is the 2nd Richest People in Africa

The CEO of one of Nigeria’s biggest Telecom company, Globacom, Mike Adenuga, is not only the second richest man in Nigeria but also the second richest People in Africa. He is also an oil Tycoon, He owns stakes in the Equatorial Trust Bank and the oil exploration firm Conoil. With the steady growth and expansion of the telecom industry, Mike Adenuga has consistently witnessed significant increases which places his net worth at $9 billion plus. [Also Read:13 Terrible Celebrity Plastic Surgery – #2 is More Horrible]

1. Aliko Dangote

Net Worth: $9.2 B
Origin of Wealth: cement, Sugar & Flour

Aliko Dangote,  Richest People in Africa, African Wealthiest Men & Women
Aliko Dangote is the Richest People in Africa

We come to the end of our list with a very popular name across the African Continent, Aliko Dangote. He is the richest people in Africa and also, currently the richest black man in the world. Dangote started his early business life some three decades ago with the loan he got from his maternal uncle. He began with buying and selling of cement and conglomerates like flour and sugar. He later began his own production of these products, and later went on to establish the Dangote Group. Currently, Dangote Group is West Africa’s largest publicly-listed conglomerate company, which now owns sugar refineries, salt processing facilities. His logos-based company is the biggest cement manufacturer in Africa.  [Also, Read: 17 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities in Africa]

What Do You Think About These List of the African Wealthiest Men & Women? is any celebrity missing out? We would love to hear from you!


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