17 Funniest Comedians Ever

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Introducing: TOP 17 Funniest Comedians Ever. The debates on who the funniest comedian in the world has continued to spur up some really huge arguments and controversies overtime. This is because of comedy as it now is saliently different from what it was or used to be.

Today, comedians are being more creative, devising new and smarter ways to tell their jokes and keep their audiences excited all through their performances. Now, we are awash with a new and younger generation of comedians who have all got their eyes on the title of becoming the very best there is.

Although we’ve witnessed some of the most hilarious acts in the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s and present, we’ve picked out only the best out from the lot. Note, this here’s ranking is based on our personal preference. So who are these kings and queens of comedy? Let’s find out…

These are the world’s 17 Funniest Comedians Ever and they are the Greatest Stand Up Comedians Today

17. Jim Carey

Jim Carey

You’ll surely remember him from his outstanding performance in the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘The Mask’. Jim Carey is definitely one of the most comic acts ever. He is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, and producer.

Jim got his debut professional stand-up work in the Toronto comedy club. And since then, he’s done so well in bringing joy and laughter to the faces of his audiences and fans worldwide. He ranks as the 17 funniest comedians in the world.

16. Bill Cosby

 Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is one of the oldest-running comedians in the world. He is very famous and considered to be one of the 25-best comedians of all-times. William Henry ‘Bill’Cosby Jnr. is a legend in the comic industry, and is also one of the richest too. He ranks as the 16th funniest comedian in the world.

15. Jo Firestone

Jo Firestone

Like her name, Jo’s performance on the ‘Tonight’s Show simply brings fire. She’s a delight to her audience who can’t get enough of her humour. She performs live comedy almost any night of the week in New York and has produced one of the most outstanding stand-ups there is. She ranks as the 15th funniest comedian in the world.

14. Basket Mouth

Basket Mouth

You need not be African to be familiar with his name. Bright Okpocha A. K. A Basketmouth is one of the most prominent comedians in Africa. He’s a Nigerian, and the 14th funniest comedian in the world. Basketmouth rose to fame after series of amazing performance in one of Nigeria’s most-watched comedy show “Night of a Thousand Laughs” and now, he currently has his own show “Son of Peter” that happens once a year and has been running for over five years now.

13. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

You can’t talk about comedy and not mention one of Hollywood’s funniest actors, Eddie Murphy. Eddie was once dubbed “The Funniest Black Guy” until Kevin started doing stand-ups (But some people still think he is though!). But if you’re among those who think Eddie’s past his prime, think again! Because “Delirious” and “Raw” will remain one of the greatest stand-ups ever performed.

12. Chris Rock

Chris Rock

Our 13th funniest comedian in the world is Chris Rock. Chris is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director.  Chris is one very funny comedian who sets up his joke pretty well and makes a lot of sense out of it too. He is also a great actor, and he makes every scene in his movies as interestingly funny as they can be.

11. Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Steven Wright is an American stand-up comedian, writer, and film producer.  Wright has been acknowledged with some fantastic awards,  including an Academy Award and two Primetime Awards. He ranks as the 11th funniest comedian in the world.

10. Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield

Jack Roy A. K. A Rodney Dangerfield was an American stand-up comedian, voice artist, actor, and producer.

He’s mostly remembered for his infamous catchphrase “I don’t get no respect! ” and his lots of comic stories and jokes that follow that theme. He is the 10th funniest comedians ever.

9. Bill Burr

Bill Burr

Bill Burr is one of the funniest stand-up comedians of all times. He is an American stand-up comedian, voice actor, musician and writer. Burr is most renowned for hosting the Monday Morning Podcast and is a co-founder of the All Things Comedy Network. He occupies the 9th spot as the funniest comedians ever.

8. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

He may rank as the 7th funniest comedian in the world, but Jerry will become the first comedian to soon hit the Billion dollar milestone. He is the richest comedian in the world and the co-creator of American sitcom “Seinfeld” where he portrays himself. Jerry Seinfeld was named the 12th Greatest Stand-up Comedian of All-Time by Comedy Central in 2005.

6. Bovi


Bovi is our 6th funniest comedian in the world. He is also the second Nigerian comedian on the list. I think he just about sums up what comedy should be from an African context. Born on 25 September 1979, the 39-years-old Nigerian comic act is also a prolific actor and have made some very interesting performances in movies like  It’s Her Day, Extend Family, Nite of 1000 Laughs. His popular stand-up comedy concert “Bovi Man on Fire” and helped him gained Global recognition in recent years.

5. Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

Edward John Izzard is an English stand-up comedian born on the 7th of February 1962. Eddie’s has won numerous awards for his amazing performances which include the Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program for his comedy special titled “Dress to Kill” in 2010. He ranks as our 5th funniest comedians ever.

4. Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is best described as ‘The Original Asian Comedian. She became the first Asian comedian to hit the mainstream after her outstanding performance in Asia’s first and only TV sitcom in history “All American Girls” which aired on ABC’S TV network in 1994 when she was 26.

This very funny Asian comedienne ranks as the 4th funniest comedians ever. A pioneer in modern comedy, and the most famous Asian-comedian in the world.

3. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

If you haven’t watched this guy performed yet, then you’re missing a whole lot of laughter. Trevor Noah is a South African stand-up comedian, a writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. 

Aside from his stand-ups, he is the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program that aired on Comedy Central. He is the 3rd funniest comedian in the world according to our ranking.

2. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

David Chappelle is one of those comedians making waves in the industry credit to his stand-up gigs. He is one of those very few comic acts who doesn’t base their jokes a 100 percent on “white people black people” racist jokes. He’s got quite an incredible balance in his jokes and makes quite the impression when he switches to his white accent. He ranks as the 2nd funniest comedian in the world.

1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Funniest Comedians Ever

Kevin’s our funniest comedian in the world. Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is one comedian whose stand-ups are insanely funny and would get you rolling in the floor laughing your ass outs…literally!

And if you doubt it, just go and download some of his stand-ups or movies and watch the whole thing without pausing, you’ll end up laughing so hard you just might crack up. From his body language to facial expressions, to the way he says his joke, everything Kevin does is just interconnected and hilarious. He is the funniest comedian ever based on our ranking and you wouldn’t agree more about it. He deserves it!. Furthermore, he is also on our list of richest comedian in the world

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Which of these Funny Comedians? do you consider the Greatest of all time?


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