Top 20 Tallest Trees in the World


One fascinating thing about nature are  the tallest trees in the world, its unbelievable height. So unbelievable that there are some that are extraordinary tall beyond human imagination.
If you are not a fan of nature beauty, a tourist or a constant traveler, whenever asked which tree is the tallest you wouldn’t hesitate saying it is the very popular paradox, Iroko tree. Really? Let me shock you a bit, do you know that Iroko tree is not even among the top 30 tallest trees in the world? Yea, Iroko trees aren’t even close to the tallest trees in the world when doing height comparison.
Imagine, a normal Iroko tree has a height ranging from 30m – 60m while some other tallest trees in the world has over 100m+ of height. You see? you will be very much amazed going through this list of top tallest trees in the world.


Source:: theartamerica


Height: 91.20 m
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Density: 6.81 m

Starting up our list of top tallest tree is Atlas, currently the 9th largest single-stem coast redwood and the 2nd largest tree in Atlas Grove.
Amazingly, Atlas is also the 3rd fastest gwoing redwood yet to be measured with approximately 1.18m growth every year.
Humboldt State University forestry professor Stephen C. Sillett named the tree after the Greek Titan Atlas, god of astronomy and navigation.
The main trunk of Atlas splits into three enormous branches 190 ft (58 m) above ground, and the crotch in-between supports a soil mat over 3 ft (1 m) thick.

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