Top 20 Funny Anime Meme


The best thing to do when you want to have cool fun online is to go through funny anime memes.  On the internet, there are lots of memes, but the most sought-after is that of funny anime memes.

In this post, we will list out the very top 20 funny anime memes that went viral on the internet.


Seriously? You’ve Gone Crazy!!!


Oh damn it, we all know that cigarettes aren’t that healthy and it is mostly used by badass dude but c’mon, make this realistic a bit. How on earth will he be taking such without coughing.


Oh! No!!! Come Back Baby!!!


Lol, that moment when you’ve ran out of your favorite snacks, life becomes miserable. As you can see, Pikachu is the perfect Pokémon to display such despair.


Hum, Damn You!


Well, this is kinda funny and not that advisable even though most of us uses it whenever we are in rage.

Perfect meme with such a badass character.


Cloudy People


Yea, although it is a very fumy anime meme but it is passing a good message. Some people are like clouds, let them go and your day will be super awesome.


Power of a Cute Cat




Just as this anime meme is pointing, how on earth would Usagi Tsukino embark on such a risky mission because of a whisper from a cat? This gets me thinking- Will I be able to embark on such a risky mission for my cat? Lol, the answer is a big “NO”


This Is Damn Serious


Lol, when alone while watching an anime all that I do see are action packed instead of the sexy, romantic moves, but when my parent comes in, it turns to what I wanted to see while I was alone.

Lol, this is a very funny anime meme, and a serious one for that matter.


Getting Rid of Silly People


Ahahaha, sometimes it is just as if we have the ability to confront those silly internet users who open their mouth to say trash to us and get away with it just like that because it is on the internet.

Lovely concept, and funny anime meme with Accel World’s Kuroyukihime portraying what we all need.


Push it to the Limits!


Remember Dragon Ball Z meme? This particular anime meme never gets outdate. It is still the perfect way to express high tension.


The Power of Holiday


School? Oh not that, we anime fans don’t need tit. Naruto has finally defined the definition of school to us. Up anime! Up anime meme!!!




Such a strong irony of life this is, and it is perfectly demonstrated by Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon’s Minako Aino In this anime meme


No!!! Never Try This


Never reveal spoilers because it shocks, and this anime meme is a perfect exhibition of such a warning. Lol, nice shock that was though.


The Notice Me Phrase


The “Senpai noticed me!” meme is one of the most trending meme out there and with the way it is going, it stands a big chance to be the most used phrase ever.


My Life


Yeah, this is a realistic funny anime meme for we anime fans.

Everything in our day to day life seems uncool except spending our time watching anime. Funny anime meme though.


Move Away


Oh, this anime meme is pretty amazing and funny. As an anime fan, what’s need of me is to try replicate certain things.  How about doing this realistically? Ahahahahaahha!!!!!! My hands are off!


Do You Know What Happened!



Lol, that moment when staying all alone with Naruto turns to be something disastrous. Can’t really picture the actual point of this anime meme, but the overall design looks very funny.


Not That!

Lol, not that! Then what? Why the tongue swing? Why the breakfast apron? Why the handkerchief tied on your neck? Oh! Am damn gone, you silly folk. Aahahahhahahahahha!!!!!!!!!! Very funny anime meme.


What’s That?

Hey, tough dude, what that look? What are you looking at? It seems you want to deceive me with that right? Oh you can’t, just go and wash up because it is crystal clear that you’ve poo.


Yes, Master!


Lol, what a crazy funny imagination. We pretty much the concept and the creativity behind this meme. Cool and very funny at the same time.


Bitches Please

Ahahaha, when it comes to real funny stuff you wouldn’t want to leave anything related to Joker aside, here is an incarnate of Joker in anime. Lol, what an outstanding and funny anime meme this is.



Enough Meme

And that’s it on our list of top 20 funny anime meme. Enough meme, got that? So go to bed because it is time. Lol.