The Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth (With Picture)


Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth – Today we want to talk about the 10 Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth. there are more and as time goes on we will keep updating. below are the Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth no 3 is the Creepiest

10. Underwater Lost City Shicheng, China


Fifty-seven years ago, the Xin’an River Hydropower Station trapped the 1,300-year-old Chinese city of Shicheng (Lions City) under water. It was named Lion City after 5 Lion Mountain risen largely behind it. It is truly an astonishing sight. The city stands preserved from destructive forces of erosion, like sun, wind and rain, beneath the Qiandao Lake, so it were almost untouched and managed to stay in pretty good condition. Archeologists call it a “virtual time capsule”, but if you wanna open it, you’ll have to get some scuba gear.

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