Top 20 Best Netflix Original Movies You Need To Watch.

A comprehensive list of the 20 Best Netflix Original Movies of all time. This list eliminates You need To look for which Netflix movies to watch.

2019 brings us a host of brand new original Netflix movies to select from. So, are you looking for the right movie or movies that truly deserve your free time? Here is a list of 20 best Netflix Original Movies of 2019 that’s giving people a run for their money, or subscription.

Movies are great entertainment used to pass the time when there are less important things to do. And with the awesome plethora of movies available to watch these days, streaming services like Netflix aren’t looking to disappoint their subscribers, as there are more options than ever.

From rib-cracking comedy to heart-thumping drama, to thrilling action movies, Netflix is already looking to wow all movie freaks with the release of a boatload of their very own all-new contents.

Top 20 Best Netflix Original Movies

So, get ready, cause we are about to take you through a list of 20 best original movies of 2019 brought to you by your number one streaming service, Netflix.

20. Dear Ex

Dear Ex, Netflix Original Movies
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Coming up at number 20 on our list of 20 best Netflix original movies is Dear Ex. Dear Ex a movie which is about three grieving people who are in a struggle to get their lives back together. The movie has some darkly comedic look, even though its plot is more about grief and emotional truths.

Dear Ex tells the story of Seng Cheng-yuan, a man who came out as being gay and later abandoned his family so he could go and live with his boyfriend Chieh, leaving his family bittered and wrecked with heartbreak and pain. His wife, Liu San-lian, and son, Seng Cheng-hsi, had to go through much more agonising pain when they later heard the news of his death. [Also, Read: 25 Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire]

19. Soni

sonia, Netflix Original Movies

Soni is an Indian movie that is about two women who work for the Delhi Police but struggles with the systemic devaluation of women in society.

Soni, whose full name is Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, and her supervisor Kalpana (Saloni Batra), are set to struggle with routine sexism and bureaucratic headaches in both their place of work and the society in general.

The plot twist of this emotional action drama is really interesting, as both officers are usually handed cases which often involve crimes against women. [Also, Read Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World by Forbes]

18. Paris is Us

Elisabeth Vogler’s Paris Is Us comes up at number 18 on our list. The movie follows a young Parisian girl named Anna, who is looking for a way to connect to the world around her after a sense of feeling isolated. She searches for, and questions her reality, with the zeal to have a feel of genuine experiences and not just living in simulation.

Though, not for everyone, the movie is pretentious but honest, giving an immersive and one of a kind experience. Volger shoots the movie with a floating, fluid camera that lets you see in Anna’s head, the indelible imagery it creates.

17. Someone is Great

Someone is great is a heart-wrenching and relatable movie about an aspiring music journalist Gina Rodriguez who took the hardest choice of her life to leave her home and the love of her life for 9 years, Lakeith Stanfield, to answer to career calling.

This movie tells about the challenges that many people face as regards to making the best choices of their life. That in life, the most challenging and difficult choices to make are often the best. It involves moving forward, having the courage to leave and say goodbye to people and places that no longer belong in your life. [Also, Read: 12 Mind-blowing Mandela Effects With Example]

This movie sits at number 17 spot on our list of 20 Netflix originals Movies of 2019.

16. Lionheart


Lionheart is a Nigerian drama and comedy movie that follows Adaeze, a hardworking young woman who is at the position of taking over from her father’s transit company, Lionheart.

She is looking to prove herself worthy to both her father and the society that she is capable of a take-over. Lionheart is groundbreaking, seeing that it is Netflix’s first ever Nigerian film. It stresses the value of family and feminism in modern-day African society.

It is on number 16 on our list and is one movie suitable for the whole family.

15. Paddleton


Coming at number 15 is an American drama about two best friends, Andy, and Michael who must deal with Michael’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. In order to grapple with the new situation of things, they continue with their usual everyday routine of things, which includes watching kung fu movies and playing their favorite game made up by them called Paddleton.

The movie shows the importance of friendship and is one that gives the audiences a mixed funny and sad feeling at the same time.

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