10 Amazing Celebrity Weight Transformation That Shocked Us

Have you seen These celebrity weight Transformation? This list of your favourite Celeb Weight transformation will give you a shock as we unfold this list. Number 8 on these celebrity weight transformation list is horrible.

Celebrities are followed by millions of fans, which means that they have a huge impact on us. And so is their lifestyle. Speaking of which, when our favourite celebrities go through a massive weight transformation, not only do they make headlines, but they also serve as inspiration for us. Today, we are going to take a look at some of them who have gone leaps and bounds to put a change to their shape. So, here’s presenting

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  1. Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Starting our list of 10 amazing celebrity weight transformation that shocked us at number 10 is American record producer, singer, bassist, entrepreneur and television producer Randy Jackson.

The former American Idol judge used to weigh over 300 pounds back in the early 2000s.

The Grammy-winning producer has now lost more than 100 pounds by eliminating a huge portion of sugar and fat from his diet and consuming as less processed food as possible. He also relied on walking on treadmill and playing tennis as a means for losing weight.