Celebrities Kids You Won’t Believe Have Awkward Their Famous Parents


1. Robert John Downey Jr.’s Son

Robert Downey Jr.’s Son “Indio”  was caught with powerfully addictive stimulant drug, he is a chronic drug addict  and he was sent straight to rehab center.

Indio should not be rush for his judgement. Indio’s patriarch had a bad record of drug abuse before he get to where he is today. This might be as a result of long shot, but we confidently agree that Robert, turning out like we know him was just by luck.

The ‘Avengers’ star was not bashful to acknowledge that his son inherited the addiction gene. Our own point of view, is that there are no logic that can explain the sideslip.

Robert is known as the highest paid actors in Hollywood, so you can understand that nothing was missing from son’s life. Only God knows better what makes them to complicate their lives very much.

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